Interior design trends 2021: What to expect this year

Naturalness and minimalism will continue to set the tone for furnishings in the coming year, and they are also influencing interior planning.

If you are looking to build or renovate in the coming months, the interior design trends for 2021 offer inspiration and guidance.

Open space concepts

1. Open spaces create room for individuality and interaction

Open spaces have been gaining importance in the design of floor plans for office and residential buildings for several years.

Open space concepts create flowing transitions between different areas. This promotes togetherness – both in family life and at the workplace. Open-plan rooms also look more spacious and welcoming, and provide opportunities for creativity.

Putting family life at the centre

2. Kitchens are becoming more spacious

The continuing trend towards larger kitchens shows that the kitchen has long since ceased to be just a functional room. It is literally the hotspot of everyday family life and the focal point of the home.

For kitchen planning, the interior design trends for 2021 point towards an open design. The focus is most often a kitchen island framed by custom-made matching units, fronts and cupboards. The emphasis is increasingly on high-quality, modern furnishings. The materials, colours and décor are carefully chosen and coordinated to create a harmonious overall appearance.

Wellness at home

3. The bathroom is increasingly important as a place to relax

The trend towards more comfort in the bathroom continues, as interior designers and architects focus on the bathroom as an individually designed place of retreat. As with other living areas, natural materials and subtle colours such as beige, grey and soft pastel shades dominate, creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

Accessories made of light woods such as bamboo, and washbasins and surfaces made of robust natural materials such as lime plaster, granite and marble transform the bathroom into a natural oasis of relaxation. Modern technologies combine high standards of design and functionality. Digital control systems on water-saving taps, smart mirrors and intelligent lighting provide more convenience and sustainability in the bathroom.

Light-filled rooms

Women in the shade automatic blind control

4. Large windows create atmosphere

The effect of natural light is increasingly appreciated by builders, architects and interior designers. Both in new buildings and in renovation projects, the trend is towards large, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass fronts that allow as much daylight as possible into the living space. In combination with open areas, this creates bright rooms flooded with light.

New designs for exterior walls also offer planners new opportunities for better insulation. Modern façade systems and high-quality cladding materials provide more effective protection from heat and cold. Natural building materials such as natural stone are also becoming more popular.

Natural interior design

style green plant

5. Naturalness shapes the interior design trends for 2021 on floors and walls

Good old woodchip wallpaper and carpeting are becoming increasingly rare. When it comes to wall design and the choice of floor covering, building owners and modernisers now have an enormous variety of options. Wood, polished concrete and textured natural stone lead the 2021 interior design trends for walls and floors.

Ceramic tiles can also add special touches, for example in ornate mosaics or a terrazzo look.

An ideal complement to modern wall design is the Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood switch series. With a unique range of natural, renewable raw materials, the switch frame is a stylish eye-catcher in ecologically designed living spaces.

Gira Esprit linoleum

The five forecasts for modern interior planning primarily point in one direction:

with the interior design trends for 2021, we can look forward to even more open space, new favourite places and sustainable comfort within our own four walls.

Which of the interior design trends for 2021 do you like best? Share your opinion in the comments.

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