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Style-conscious interior design – Part 1

Your home should be fun – and it is, especially, when your interior fits your personal style. So, having the right interior is not only a question of taste but is dependent on individual preferences.

To help you find your own style, we are giving you an overview of the trendiest interior styles.

Industrial: elegant comfort with a rough edge

Source: String Furniture

Industrial design, where once sparks flew, sweat dripped, and oil marked the work benches, has now transformed into a design for the home. Especially in lofts, former warehouses, or factory halls, the high windows and exposed ceilings have become essential design elements, just as much as the construction materials themselves: Exposed brickwork, concrete floors, wooden beams, pipes, or dangling metal lighting, create an ambience of unfinished rawness.

Smooth stainless-steel cupboards, cast-iron chairs, and uncovered light bulbs emphasise the cold but honest mechanical feel. In this way, the straightforward industrial interior style shows character. Just like the furniture, the décor and colour palette are also preferably kept sober. Because of its simplicity, this interior style is also very versatile: Vintage accessories and warm copper shades can set a more elegant tone in the mechanic industrial charm, whereas a rustic interior further exaggerates the rugged factory-feel.

The urban jungle: rooted in a tropical living room

Source: Robin Sprong
Bamboo, palm fronds, and cockatoos adorn the tapestry, leaf patterns trail down the couch pillows, and colourful exotic flowers bloom on the curtains: the tropical fever of the urban jungle trend is limitless. Between a rustic wooden colonial style interior, light rattan furniture, and cork flooring, the cosy jungle grows as much botanical green as possible: a yucca palm, ivy, and fern are planted together with blooming cacti and succulents.

Fresh summery linen or cotton fabrics in combination with light, earthy, natural colours complete the tropical ambiance. For thematic accents, pictures in a safari-look, pillow covers with a parrot print, or bedding with animal prints, can be used.

Scandinavian interior design: Keep it simple

Source: Pixabay

When creating a Scandinavian style, the first thing that may come to mind is IKEA. However, this interior design style first and foremost celebrates the easy-going disposition of the Northern-European people. The predominant strategy for this style is to “keep it simple”. With clear contours, sleek chicness, and natural materials, Scandinavian interior design is uncomplicated and rather understated. Friendly whites, pastels, and greys are the basis for the clean composition, with light solid wooden furniture made of spruce, birch, or pine wood.

Candles, a fire place, and generous lighting create the typical „hyggelige“ atmosphere. Organic textures like leather or linen as well as nature-related patterns on fluffy blankets or pillows, dominate the décor. With glass vases, floral porcelain, and rich flower arrangements, playful touches can also be created.

Mid-century modernity: Versatility with stylish design classics

Source: Fritz Hansen

Well-kept and timeless: The mid-century look brings generations together. In the mid-19th century, the progressive lifestyle emphasized visual and functional simplicity in interior design and produced undeniable design classics like the Egg Chair. Pure, elegant interior design placed in huge rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows; combined with organic shapes complete the linear spatial concept. This all-rounder amongst the interior styles always remains light and cosy.

Natural elements like beams, stone walls, as well as furniture in stainless steel, leather, and wood, characterize the overall look. Dressers, closets, and chairs typically have thin legs. These are combined with accessories like newspaper racks or chromium-plated, delicately structured lights. A lot of these interior-pieces from the 50ties and 60ties are still produced to this day. Retro-fans of the mid-century style feel just as much at home with this style as people that prefer a modern, understated look.

Bohemian: a creative style for the free-spirited

Source: Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie / Norsuiteriors
The bohemian style captures the adventurous spirit of the avant-garde movement. Before the hippies of the 60ties, the British Bohemians broke free from the bourgeois tristesse to explore the unconventional with an eccentric, creative lifestyle. Vintage or second-hand finds are a must for this lavish interior design style. The more diverse colourful furniture pieces and accessories are assembled in a predominantly dark-coloured surrounding, the freer their experimental charm can unfold.

Voluminous lounges, embroidered pillows, painted decanters, ornate Persian rugs, bright pictures, or bulky bookshelves come together.

The Bohemian style is organized chaos, often improvised or homemade: patchwork blankets can for example upgrade a stuffy sofa, and an antique suitcase can function as a coffee table. Creative living means that everything you like goes. Despite all this theory, in practice, elements of various interior styles can be combined and complement each other. How technical components can complete your interior design in a stylish manner can be visualized in advance with the Gira Designkonfigurator. In the end, what is certain, is that the most beautiful style is still your own unique style.

Did you already find your style or did you miss an interior style you favour? Stay tuned for our second part in this interior design series and in the meantime: Leave us a comment sharing your design inspirations.

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