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Intelligent Smart Home control with Gira G1

Building technology just got easier

Smart home solutions are all the rage. I, too, do not want to miss out on the extra comfort and ease in my everyday life, but the technology should be user-friendly. My latest acquisition is called G1, a central operating unit for the KNX system in my home. A KNX system connects individual home technology units via an intelligent control network. The smart home control enables me to adjust each function individually to suit my needs, preferences, or living conditions. Measuring only 9 x 16 cm, the G1 control is inconspicuous and hardly any bigger than a standard light switch. And yet this elegantly designed device not only replaces the light switch, but also controls the blinds, the electric door opener, the stand-by switches for socket outlets, and the heating. Behind the high-resolution touchscreen lies impressive technology. I am thrilled about the many possibilities this little device offers, and the comforts that come with it. However, I am not the only one that is convinced of the G1. The central operating unit has already received numerous awards, most recently, it won the 2017 Architecture & Construction Award for Innovation

Exquisite design, simple use

As a central operating unit, the G1 communicates with all devices that are networked via KNX cables and passes on the precise instructions I enter via the display. I am amazed at the ease of use and the quick implementation of my wishes. The G1 user interface has been redeveloped from scratch, and is characterised by easy-to-understand symbols, clear labels, and logical structures. High-quality materials underscore the attractive design. The Gira G1 is available in white or black, and can be harmoniously integrated into different interiors. Installing the G1 was also very simple. Just like any normal switch, the G1 is installed in a regular socket. The installation was carried out by a technician. Installation requirements are a KNX system and a suitable interface (an IP router or IP gateway). Depending on the system, the unit can be linked up via LAN or newly also via WLAN. In this way, it can be used both in new builds or renovation projects, and for retrofitting. Another new feature is that the user interface is now available in 22 languages and can also be used as a client in systems with a Gira HomeServer. With this new release, the Gira G1 displays the interface design of the Gira HomeServer.

The multi-talented Gira G1

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Smart control for KNX systems

After installation, I can control my 'smart home universe' easily and conveniently with the central operating unit. Various virtual switches, dimmers, and controllers for lighting and blinds are available at a swipe, and in combination with the KNX CO2 sensor, the G1 also acts as a room temperature controller. With pre-programmed scenes, I can immediately select the right combination of settings for a particular situation. And thanks to the timer, I no longer need to think of setting the heating to night mode. My thoughts are interrupted by a sudden weather change. As so often this summer, the sun gives way to dark storm clouds.
As the first rain drops patter against the window, I get up from the sofa and head to the G1. One of my favourite functions: an integrated sensor reacts as soon as I approach the device, automatically activating the display. I navigate intuitively through the individual functions, raise the blinds, switch on the ceiling light, and turn up the heating a little. When the doorbell suddenly rings, the video of the door intercom is displayed instantly. A soaking friend wants to come in. I let her in and show her via the G1's integrated online weather forecast that the rain is only going to ease off in the evening. We use the time to spend a cosy afternoon together.

What do you think about the possibilities for controlling home technology units centrally and intuitively? Share your opinion on smart home control with the G1 in our comments section.

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