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Lighting up your garden in 2019: Inspiration for outdoor mood lighting

Did you know that lighting is one of the most important aspects of garden design? Lighting around your home is not only crucial for security, but also for setting the mood for long summers’ evenings spent enjoying the cooler air outdoors. Even in the colder seasons of the year, the right lighting helps to highlight the natural beauty of frosty grass and plants on dark winter mornings. There are many different strategies you can use to light up your garden:

Functional garden lighting

When darkness falls, gardens can become tricky to navigate, with obstacles and trip hazards lurking near steps, paths and in every dark corner. Functional outdoor lighting makes your garden safer and helps you find your way; cool white wall-mounted and bollard lights have a powerful light output of around 10,000 Kelvin. Motion sensors are also a useful addition to the garden: Sensors such as the Gira sentinels 110 activate the lighting to illuminate your path only when motion is detected.

The detector’s brightness sensor can be infinitely adjusted and covers a maximum detection field of 110 degrees. You can also use Gira light profiles to assist with orientation.

Setting the mood in the garden: It’s all about contrast

Alongside enhancing your security and safety, patio and garden lighting concepts are key to creating an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space. Many people opt to add indirect light sources such as free-standing lights, table lamps or spotlights that emit around 3000 Kelvin of warm white light to create a mystical, fairy tale-like glow. In winter, these kinds of lights inject life into your otherwise forgotten and neglected garden.

Spotlights directed upwards illuminate trees beautifully, while spherical lights subtly light up open areas; underwater lighting in ponds also works well. In summer, you can add fairy lights, lanterns or a fire pit to the mix. Look out for energy-saving light sources such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which last a long time and will not cause your energy bills to sky-rocket.

outdoor mood lighting
outdoor mood lighting
outdoor mood lighting

Lighting up your garden: Powered by technology

To illuminate your garden, you can opt for mains-powered or solar-powered systems. If you want to connect your lighting to your mains power, special underground cables can be installed to connect your light sources. As the cables are buried around 60 centimetres below the ground, this kind of installation is best undertaken before you plan any major landscaping work. It is important to remember that 230 Volt systems must always be installed by a professional.

Solar-powered lights also work exceptionally well in gardens. The lights are connected to solar modules that store up energy during the day; at night, a sensor automatically switches the lights on. Solar power helps you to minimise your energy bills in the long term: According to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW), energy prices have increased by 27 per cent over the past ten years.

The only slight drawback is that the lights may only have enough power to remain on for a few hours if the day hasn’t been sunny, so solar lighting may not be the best choice for illuminating paths, steps and entrance areas.

Design that shines – even in the dark

The design industry has also caught on to the garden trends market and has responded with a flurry of inspiration and ideas for garden illumination. Portable battery-powered lights, such as the delicate Clizia table lamp by Italian label Slamp, are the perfect embodiment of the garden design trend. From a distance, the light looks like an illuminated bouquet; the lighting effect changes depending on where you are when you look at it. The lamp is powered via USB and provides seven hours of light on a single full charge.

Outdoor lights designed by Small Rabbit Design

A solar-powered design alternative that bathes garden paths and entrance areas in warm white light is the Sky LED bollard light by Luzceplan. The bollard – which is available in an aluminium, white or chestnut finish – is easily secured using a ground spike, and casts light downwards from a raised position.

With a little lighting to set the mood, you can make the most of your outdoor space at any time of year. Contemporary bollard lights, portable lamps and adjustable spotlights can all be used to inspire your own unique garden lighting concept.

How do you light up your garden? Do you use any other types of lighting that we’ve not mentioned here? Share your ideas with us!

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