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imm cologne 2018: These are latest home trends from the interior design fair

From 15 to 21 January, Cologne’s exhibition halls once again transformed themselves into the world’s biggest furniture showroom. More than 1,270 exhibitors from 50+ countries displayed an array of new products at their stands at imm cologne. Many highlights stood out in the run-up to the fair. This year’s interior design trends are as varied, surprising, and contradictory as ever.

“Let’s be smart”: A new format at imm cologne

If there’s one constant in the world of interior design, it’s that things are always changing.

Social trends, such as digitalization and customization, are essentially impacting what’s in vogue. The trade fair’s new Pure Architects segment, bearing the slogan “Let’s be smart”, focuses on technical solutions for barrier-free living spaces and modern lifestyles. Hall 4.2, where the segment is located, is also where Gira is showcasing its new products and systems for intelligent buildings at stand E059. Visitors can discover Gira’s extensive portfolio, from design lines to modern door communication systems. And the Smart Home exhibition, with an interactive model home, allows people to experience just how much your home can already think for itself.

Urban home trends 2018: Flexible furniture plus tried and tested design

Besides networked technology, imm cologne also shows us that people are once again looking for a down-to-earth approach to interior design. Furniture in vintage-look, retro-accessories, and mid-century design aspire to maintain the genuine and authentic spirit of earlier times. Urbanization is also leaving its mark on interior design trends, with space-saving, flexible, and multi-functional furniture needed for dwindling living spaces. Inventive design concepts such as the ‘all-rounder’ cube Cubelix offer practical small-space solutions at imm cologne.

Light as a highlight – not only at imm cologne

Meanwhile at the Pure Editions segment, the impact that lighting can have, in terms of creating an overall homely atmosphere, is clear. Interior designers are discovering light as a fully-fledged stylistic device and design tool. This year, Czech designer Lucie Koldova is lighting up imm cologne with the trade fair’s traditional Das Haus installation. The designer experiments with glass, wood, copper, and other semi-natural materials for her innovative lamps, demonstrating her intuition for 2018’s interior design trends.

Healthy living: Nature, tradition, and handicrafts

Nature not only provides designers with inspiration, but with excellent resources. Organic forms and natural materials such as wool-like textiles and rich, textured wallpaper are dominating furniture design right now. Natural fibres, velvet, and cover fabrics such as cord are influencing the feel of modern upholstered furniture. Especially manufacturers are making the most of the fair to show what is possible in this respect. Ames, for example, has collaborated with Sebastian Herkner to produce a range of home accessories using traditional Colombian crafts and materials.

What’s more, solid timber has long since got rid of its ‘rustic oak’ image and is being paired with healthy materials such as leather, glass, and metal. These furnishings are rounded off by wicker tables, leather chairs, and stone elements. At the same time, imm cologne shows that people’s increasing environmental awareness is accompanied by a new-found appreciation for furniture. The exquisite pieces may well be of a higher quality – and even unique, handcrafted items, such as those made by Bosnian company Zanat. Zanat’s pieces fuse traditional wood carving with modern furniture design – a real insider’s tip.

Living with substance: Quality and durability in the bathroom

Even in the bathroom, prestigious brands such as Vola are turning to pared-down designs, clear forms, and materials that are a byword for longevity. For a dignified style, elegant aesthetics, and durability, marble is the material of choice when it comes to this year’s living trends. Steel enamel, ceramic, and refined natural stones also adorn washstands, tubs, and sanitary areas.

Green living at imm cologne

The blue colour spectrum remains a harmonious constant for the upcoming season. What’s more, Pantone selected an old friend as Colour of the Year 2018: ultraviolet appears to be a jarring note in opposition to the current natural interior design culture. The continuing trend for green living is accompanied by an entire spectrum of green shades at imm cologne. Between green wall paints, botanical wallpaper prints, and health-conscious furniture produced under fair, sustainable conditions, the natural living style is brightened up by decorative plant collages.

Home trend for individualists: Boho is the new ethno

Yes, things can get even more eccentric – after all, individuality is very much one of this year’s hot new trends. imm cologne provides the perfect answer with the ‘boho’ living style: bright ethnic patterns mix with floral designs, coarse woollen fabrics adorn delicate leather armchairs, a wicker table from the flea market is paired with design classics such as the Eames Chair. If you live a ‘boho’ lifestyle, you embrace the unconventional. Along the same lines, many stands are also featuring earthy shades for walls, or colours for home accessories or textiles – most notably this is done by ferm living. Dark red walls and soft fabrics invite visitors to curl up and get comfy.

As you can see, there’s something at imm cologne to suit every personality, living situation, or individual desire. And this is precisely what makes the living trends for 2018 so complex and exciting.

Which living trends did you discover at imm cologne that appealed to you especially? We look forward to your impressions!

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