If this, then that: the Smart ways of IFTTT

Automatic heating control, intelligently connected blinds, shutters and/or various lighting scenarios based on your needs: smart home services already make our lives more convenient.

IFTTT now makes homes even smarter thanks to use the use of clever, “if-then” functions to automatically link different processes.

But just how does this work, and how can we benefit from it?

Smart Homes get smarter: What is IFTTT, and how does it work?

“IFTTT” stands for “if this, then that”. This is more or less an exact description of this service’s core. Using IFTTT, different devices and services can be interlinked. You can even interlink them across manufacturers: for example, Google Assistant with Amazon Alexa, Gira with Spotify, Philips Hue with whatever you like… Or indeed, all of them together. You can also link your devices up with different social media platforms.

But how does it work? Well, first, you need to define a condition (“if this…”) through the app. Next, you define an action (“then that…”). Theaction is then only executed when the condition is met. In IFTTT, we refer to these conditional statements as “recipes” or “applets”. You can, for example, have your mobile phone set itself to silent the moment you enter the office. To do so, you can activate this by doing the following:

example, have your mobile phone set itself to silent the moment you enter the office. To do so, you can activate this by doing the following:

  • Defining the condition, “If this (“If I enter the office…”).
  • Defining the action, “Then that (“…then set my phone to silent”).

And that’s it, in a nutshell.

IFTTT & Smart Homes: Automate the mundane tasks

IFTTT’s goal is to link together devices and programs with the goal of automating the most tedious tasks. This makes your Smart Home even smarter. That’s why Gira products have been made with an IFTTT connection, hence making it much easier to use this service in your home.

And, if you’re curious to see what this all looks like, just take a look at the video below.

ifttt with amazon echo
ifttt in the home

Almost ready: Setting up IFTTT with Gira

To set up IFTTT for a Gira Smart Home, you need three things: a Gira server, a remote access module and an IFTTT account. For servers, you can choose between either the Gira HomeServer or the rather compact Gira X1. The X1 was developed specially for KNX networking in detached homes, therefore making it a good option for most people.

The remote access module can be used to connect to your Smart Home

communication through this is encrypted, which ensures that no unauthorized person can access it.

By going through the Gira device portal, you can also register your Gira server and Gira S1 with IFTTT. You should follow the instructions carefully, step-by-step. Once you have installed, just starting using it. You can then run everything in accordance with your rules. All you need to do now is define your “applets”, i.e., the processes you need. Each “trigger” should be assigned an “action” – always following the principle of “if this, then that”.

ifttt mood lighting in a smart home
ifttt control panel for smart home

Practical, simple: IFTTT lets your Gira Smart Home run everything (by itself)

Imagine: you’d prefer your vacuum robot to start doing its job only after you’ve left the house. Yet some mornings you leave at eight, others its closer to nine. You can’t specify a certain time. Not an issue for your Gira Smart Home: simply teach it the follow if-then rule via IFTTT: “If the central off switch is activated ( - if this), then start cleaning ( - then that).”

You could also program it so that when you leave, the coffee machine switches to standby. The heating is turned down and the security alarm switches on. Quite convenient, right?

Then of course, when you arrive home the house starts to play music and cosy lighting flickers on. One of the nicest ways to relax after work! All of this is possible thanks to the smart front door lock, which is linked to corresponding devices via the IFTTT connection.

gira switch ifttt
ifttt music system

A house of limitless possibilities

You’ve had a long day… and right now, all you want to do is get into bed and drift off – without worrying about anything. Simply teach your Gira Smart Home to enter night mode via IFTTT as soon as you lie in bed. The light switches off, heating devices and the rest of your Smart Home set themselves instantly to preset.

While we’ve shown you only a few examples of what IFTTT can do, the truth is that there are so many more applications. The possibilities are really limitless. You can add changes and commands to your Smart Home at any time, adapting them to your own needs as they change. After all, things are now running according to your rules.

Simple but ingenious. What do you think of IFTTT? Or have you already implemented it? Let us know in the comments!

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