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Iconic White: The new trend colour

When you think of ‘Iconic White’, what images spring to mind? Perhaps Marilyn Monroe and her famous white dress? Although it’s certainly an iconic image, a new white is now taking centre-stage. Iconic White – the latest on-trend colour from Silestone – is the brightest, purest and most vibrant white available in the surfaces market.

Iconic White: Pure technical perfection

Like all Silestone colours, Iconic White is an example of pure technical perfection.

 The on-trend colour is more non-porous and stain-resistant than its competitors, and strong enough to withstand impacts and scratches – so there’s no need to panic if you spill something or drop an object onto the work surface. Available in thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30 millimetres, Iconic White can be used in many areas: From kitchen work surfaces and basins to Integrity sinks and shower trays, and from decorative floor and wall coverings to tables, bars, counters or custom furniture designs, Iconic White shines in virtually any setting.

Brilliant white

Iconic White is the latest on-trend colour
Iconic White is the latest on-trend colour
Iconic White is the latest on-trend colour

An on-trend colour that blends into any environment

Iconic White was specially developed for Silestone by the Consentino Group, the market leader in the field of development and innovation for architectural surfaces. The intensive research by the development team at Consentino has produced a white that combines shine, purity and aesthetics with technical perfection. Iconic White is the polar opposite of Vantablack, the blackest black on the market. 

Iconic White creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance, illuminating and opening up the space in any room. Whether used in homes, offices, businesses or public spaces, this extraordinary contemporary white adapts to any environment with subtlety and style. The unique properties of Silestone surfaces mean that the material is even suitable for use in hospitals and laboratories. 

What do you think of the world’s whitest white – is it trendy or over-hyped? Let us know in the comments.

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