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Your home spa – Luxurious and smart

Wellness with smart features

The trend of creating your own private spa at home shows no sign of abating. Sedlmayr bad & wellness GmbH's WellnessCube goes one step further. In collaboration with the Connected Comfort group, this concept brings the private luxury spa to your own garden or terrace. With partners such as Dornbracht, Gira, Miele and Revox, an exceptional experience can be created in even the smallest spaces. With its façade of natural stone segments and curved LED elements in different colour combinations, the Cube never fails to make an eye-catching outside impression.   

But what’s on the inside, you cannot imagine. To live up to the promise of 'wellbeing for all your senses', a host of relaxing features awaits you: Dornbracht's Horizontal Shower, a steam bath, a rain shower with massage jets for your neck and back, and a spacious sauna. And to help you fully relax, many functions can be controlled intelligently via the Gira control touch panel – such as the music, which enhances your wellness experience thanks to the multiroom audio system.   

A delight for your senses

Source: Dornbracht / YouTube

Not only the music and shower settings, but also the lighting can be controlled at the touch of a button. The vitaLED smart lighting system can be conveniently operated using the app or Gira Control, so you can adjust the lighting to your liking – from a starry sky to wall lighting and fibre optic LEDs. Thanks to KNX components from Gira, the WellnessCube's smart home technology is perfectly integrated and can be easily used. Because the one thing that wellness should not be, is complicated.

The WellnessCube in a luxury private loft

 In a luxury private loft designed specifically for potential Cube customers, you can explore all the facets and design possibilities of the WellnessCube. It can be tailored to meet every customer’s personal wish. In most cases, no planning permission is even required. To install the WellnessCube, all that is needed is five square metres of pad foundations, and power and water connections.   

Wellness on your doorstep.

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