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From bathroom to wellness oasis: how to set up a home spa

The bathroom can be much more than the place where you brush your teeth and take a shower: a private retreat to unwind after a stressful week and re-charge your batteries. Of course, an all-round wellness experience requires a bit more effort than the average movie night. To give you some inspiration, we’ve got five ideas for the perfect spa day at home.

1. Home spa with a multifunctional whirltub

Lean back and forget your daily worries – in a bathtub that feels like a massage chair. Lean back and forget your daily worries – in a bathtub that feels like a massage chair. Italian manufacturer Treesee recently introduced a new luxury whirlpool at the Salone de Mobile in Milan: the “Phantom” has five seats and two reclining surfaces.

Using an integrated control function, you can easily adjust the temperature. The tub comes in different variants, with up to 60 water jets hidden behind elegant lighting strips.

  • Duravit, a manufacturer based in Germany, also offers a variety of whirltubs for home spa settings. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between several options:
  • The system “Air” has nearly invisible water jets that are controlled with a simple one-touch function.
  • The system “Jet” can be upgraded with coloured LED lights.
  • The “Combi” systems combine all the benefits of “Air” and “Jet”, along with additional water jets to massage your back and feet.
Bathroom luxury made in Italy – for your own home spa. Source: YouTube / GRUPPOTREESSE

2. Home spa ideas for a wellness shower

Don’t have time to take a long bath? Shower booths with massage nozzles, steam functions, LED lights, and audio systems make it possible to enjoy a perfect spa moment at home, whenever needed. The model Aquamoon, designed by German manufacturer Dornbracht, fuses different types of water jets and lighting into a unique sensory experience.

Dornbracht also offers insight into the effects of hydrotherapy, explaining how you can use water to improve your mental and physical well-being.

For lovers of luxurious interior, we recommend Homary’s thermostatic shower set in gold: the wall-mounted installation creates a water stream that feels like rain dripping on your skin. With an integrated hand shower, it is suitable for dogs and small children as well.

Varying flow modes and light scenarios turn every shower into a refreshing highlight. Source: YouTube / Dornbracht

3. Home spa with a private sauna

A good sauna bath can do wonders for your health: apart from boosting your immune system, it also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce inflammation. So, why not get one for your own home spa? Private saunas come in all sizes to fit any bathroom – and even make for a visual highlight.

Suisse manufacturer Klafs has designed a model that looks particularly elegant: the CASENA sauna catches the eye with its dark wooden walls, minimalist glass front, and ceiling lights reminiscent of a starry sky.In case you have a rather small bathroom, you can opt for a compact sauna booth that runs on infrared heating. This alternative saves not only space, but also a considerable amount of energy (compared to conventional models).

A private sauna keeps you relaxed and healthy – especially during the cold season. Quelle: YouTube / Oceanic Saunas

4. Spa day at home with your favourite music

Mozart, Jazz, Heavy Metal: most of us need the right playlist to fully relax. That’s why the German company Kaldewei has developed an innovative system called SOUND WAVE. Attached to the bathtub and connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, this system creates a unique acoustic effect – both above and below water.

Dutch manufacturer AquaSound furthermore offers a range of water-proof audio products, including the N-Joy Music Center. This all-in-one system doesn’t even have to be connected to an external device, allowing you to activate Spotify playlists through an integrated controller. If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, we recommend the Gira Radio: it is mounted onto the wall just like a regular switch or socket outlet.

Gira Radio in white +

Gira Radio

Home entertainment in compact design: the Gira Radio is mounted onto the wall and keeps your counters free.

High-quality entertainment directly from your wall: the Gira Radio. Source: Gira

5. Home spa with smart technology

Need even more ideas to take your bathroom spa to the next level? Then you should take a closer look at your lighting: LED strips on the ceiling, indirectly illuminated sinks and valves, or original wall lamps always help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Smart devices make it even easier to adjust your lighting according to your mood. The Gira eNet wireless operating top unit, for example, works via voice control together with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. Switches with smart sensors prove particularly useful at night: the Gira Sensotec reacts to ambient movement, turning on a glare-free light whenever you pass by in the dark.

Gira eNet SMART HOME +


RF-based, future-oriented, retrofittable: The Gira eNet SMART HOME system offers various options to control your technology.

Gira eNet SMART HOME: a wireless system to control every function in any room. Source: Gira

German manufacturer Steinberg has developed a digital mixer tap that includes many convenient features. Thanks to touch buttons, temperature sensitive colour gradient, and individual spray selection, the so-called iFlow makes it easy to perfect your home spa experience

With the Suite Walls System, even the glass panes of your shower can become smart: Vèrio Smart Glass uses LCD technology (short for liquid-crystal display) to instantly switch between clear-glazed and opaque surfaces.

Setting the mood in your bathroom at the push of a button: iFlow mixer taps. Source: YouTube / Steinberg Armaturen

What do you need to enjoy a perfect spa day at home? Have you installed any smart devices or functions in your bathroom? Let’s share ideas in the comment section!

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