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Everyone is different - we all have our own unique preferences, habits and needs. But our Smart Homes are designed to understand us and use that knowledge to adapt to our needs. They don’t only help us save energy, but also keep our homes safe and secure. The latest technology can also help us do all the things we love so that we can enjoy our valuable time at home much more.

For budding chefs: Smart technology to keep things running smoothly in the kitchen

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes, your smart kitchen can help you keep things running smoothly.

When you’re out shopping for ingredients, you can check your smart refrigerator to see what you have at home and what you need to buy. Just a quick glance at your smartphone will give you all the answers.

Moreover, your taps can dispense boiling water directly into your pans, making the whole cooking process not only practical but also very safe. The latest smart water systems are also equipped with a clever scald prevention system. Not only this, even your pans have your back too. The smart cooking system by Hestan Cue is equipped with sensors that send the current cooking temperature to an app on your device where you can adjust the temperature of your smart hob to suit your recipe.

Intelligent cooking gadgets for an amateur cook. Source: YouTube / Hestan Cue

For the green-fingered: Smart Home technology for the great outdoors

Smart technology can make your life easier outside the home too. When you’re in the garden, wouldn’t it be nice to just relax and enjoy the sun rather than push the lawnmower around or lug the watering can back and forth to the tap? Your robotic mower will keep your lawn looking trim and the Gira HomeServer will take care of watering. The system uses weather data to decide when to water and switches on the sprinklers automatically.

When you invite the neighbours over for a barbecue, you can serve perfectly cooked steak and vegetables without having to sweat over the grill. The iGrill app from Weber will keep an eye on the cooking temperature for you. You can illuminate and power all your outdoor fun with Gira energy profiles. So, bid goodbye to those dangerous extension cables trailing across the lawn.

Always be sure of the optimal temperature while cooking. Source: YouTube / Weber Stephen Grill DE AT CH

For entertainment fans: A home cinema experience in your smart living room

How about a movie night in your very own private home cinema with all the power of an amazing cinema-style sound system – within your own four walls? If you’re a real fan of high-grade entertainment, the possibilities of Smart Home technology will be music to your ears. The latest OLED screens and premium surround-sound systems are capable of recreating an authentic cinema experience that will delight even the fussiest movie buffs.

Connecting your smart technology to the Gira KNX system enables you to control your entire film and sound system from the comfort of your sofa. With just a few taps, you can even adjust your lighting to set the mood. What’s more, both the Gira HomeServer and the Gira X1 can communicate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, thereby enabling you to control most of the devices in your home with your voice.

For a relaxing evening: Let your home take care of everything for you

While we’re on the topic of relaxing, we’ve got great news for anyone who loves to put their feet up and chill on the sofa at the end of a stressful day at work. Your Smart Home is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Imagine you approach your home and a warm light illuminates your hall to welcome you back or there’s a pleasant glow of warmth as you push open the door.

Thanks to pre-programmed scenarios, your home will be ready for your return. As soon as you arrive, Gira motion detectors sense your presence. With 360° detection around the entrance, your home can’t miss you. You can decide how you wanted to be welcomed back earlier in the day. So, when you reach home, your favourite song will be playing and a cup of tea will already be brewing in the kitchen, ready for you to grab before you sink straight into the sofa where you can relax for the rest of the evening.

plug light
Smart light

Whether you’re always on the go or know how to really kick back and relax,

there are Smart Home technology solutions that will work for you.

Which Smart Home technologies are a must for you? Let us know in the comments!

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