Smart & bright: how to optimise your home-office lighting

A beneficial workspace requires far more than a desk and computer. Even the smallest details in our surroundings can either foster or hinder our productivity. Among these, lighting is a factor that we don’t pay enough attention to – a neglect which can lead to health issues in the long run. Placed at the right spots and illuminating the room in the right intensity, home-office light fixtures can support our eyesight and prevent symptoms such as headaches and muscular tenseness.

What is the best lighting for home offices?

Especially on grey and gloomy days, we need an uplifting ambiance to get started and keep going. In your office, you should ensure that the entire room is illuminated evenly.

Stark contrasts will strain your eyes, leaving you worn out easily. We recommend flat LED panels or built-in lamps for home-office setups: they will spread the light diffusely, maintaining a homogenous level of brightness. Plus, their minimalist design blends in with virtually any type of interior. Additionally, you can integrate further installations into your home office: ceiling lights serve as an indirect source of illumination, meaning they are gentle on your eyes and glare-free. In case you prefer a more decorative solution, you can opt for suspended luminaires instead.

The colour of light plays a particularly important role in working environments. Shades with a high ratio of blue will keep you alert and focused. Hence, you should avoid bright lighting in your home office. As cosy as that may seem, you’ll be more likely to relax and feel tired. You should choose a light temperature of at least 4,000 Kelvin (around 1,300 less than average daylight). Don’t be skimpy when it comes to brightness, either: you should aim for approximately 300 Lumen per square metre.

Zone lighting in home offices: desk lamps and their benefits

Of course, the most essential source of light is the one at your desk. Ideally, it can be adjusted flexibly and placed in such a way that your hands won’t throw annoying shadows.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph lamp was designed specifically to relieve your eyes while working. It modifies the lighting at your home office according to the local daylight – which has a positive impact on your performance and well-being. Different modes of operation create optimal conditions for different activities: tasks that require a strong focus are accompanied by intense lighting of the so-called “boost” mode. The ”precision“ mode, on the other hand, serves to improve your eyesight. Via app, you can enter personal specifications about your age and type of activities. The lamp will thus generate lighting perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

dyson light cycle morph smart office lighting

High-comfort home office: lighting from your socket outlets

Running short on space? No problem: instead of desk lamps, you can also use wall lights for your home office: Plug & Light featured by Gira combines a light source and socket outlet with the help of magnetic attachments.

This allows for maximum flexibility: lamps can be rotated by 360°, and adjusting the brightness and lighting colour is equally easy.

A smart socket outlet provides the necessary power supply. The Plug & Light system enables you to instantly set the right mood for any time of day – whether you’re having intense brainstorming sessions or want to unwind during breaks.


Plug & Light featured by Gira

On, off, dimmed: Plug & Light featured by Gira sets the perfect mood for any time of day.

Power supply and lighting source combined: Plug & Light featured by Gira proves convenient in work spaces. Source: Gira

More smart features for less stress at work

Speaking of socket outlets: you’d rather have too many than too few. People tend to underestimate the number of electric devices used on a daily basis at home. Don’t forget that you will also have to charge your smartphone regularly! We recommend installing a USB power supply.

It can be connected to two mobile devices at once – no more adapters needed. One extra tip: if you’re still wondering what the best desk lighting for zoom meetings might be, ring lights are the answer. They will make you look fresh and professional whenever you have video calls with your team or business partners.


Gira USB power supply

Designed with two slots for USB A and USB C, the Gira USB power supply allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

No charging adapter at hand? Just use the Gira USB power supply A&C for your devices. Source: Gira

Good home-office lighting facilitates your workflow in various respects. Apart from boosting your productivity, it improves your mood and makes you feel more motivated. Even your breaks will become more effective:

thanks to smart technology, you can adjust the light colour and temperature to help you relax. Still looking for ideas to brighten up other rooms at your house? Our smart lighting series offers recommendations for various living spaces – from kitchens and kids‘ rooms to outdoor areas.

Which kind of lighting do you need in your home office to work as efficiently as possible? We look forward to your insights!

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