Smart and bright in your home office: ideal lighting for working from home

To work successfully from a home office, we need more than just a computer and a desk. The working environment also has a great effect on our productivity. The factor of lighting is often underestimated – and inadequate illumination in the room where you work can even cause health problems. A well thought-out lighting concept relieves the eyes and can prevent headaches and tension. It keeps us awake and focused – and thus helps us get through the working day.

Basic lighting: what you should look out for

Bright ambient lighting in the study is indispensable for getting started on dull days. Make sure that the illumination is uniform – contrasts put extra strain on the eyes and can tire them out after a while. Flat LED panels or recessed light fixtures diffuse the light and thus provide even illumination all around. Other light sources can also be placed around the room. Uplights provide pleasantly soft and glare-free room lighting that is ideal for working at home.

Zone lighting in the home office: what modern desk lighting can do

The centrepiece of the lighting in the study is the light on your desk. It should have an adjustable focus and be positioned so that your hands do not cast distracting shadows while you work. The Dyson Lightcycle Morph desk lamp is specifically designed to ease the strain on your eyes as you work. It continuously adapts its light to the local daylight – and thus has a positive effect on your productivity and well-being.

It has various modes that offer the ideal conditions for different types of activity. Boost mode provides bright light for tasks that require a high level of concentration. Precision mode, on the other hand, helps to improve your visual performance. Using an app, you can enter personal details about your age and what you are doing. This way, the lamp provides you with individually optimised work lighting.

dyson light cycle morph smart office lighting

Convenience in the study: lighting directly from the socket outlet

Where space is at a premium, wall lamps offer a practical alternative to the table lamp. And here, too, you don't have to go without smart convenience: the Gira Plug & Light spotlights offer maximum flexibility with their magnetic attachments.

They can be fully rotated non-stop through 360° – and the brightness and colour of the light can be adjusted as required.

They are connected to an innovative light socket outlet. When you take a break from work, the smart system means you can simply reach up and adjust the lamp for a more relaxing warm light.

These extras ensure a relaxed working day

While we're on the subject of socket outlets, it’s best to plan a few more outlets for your study – we often underestimate how many electrical devices we’ll need when working from home.

Your smartphone needs to be regularly charged, for example, so why not install a Gira USB power supply? This way, you can quickly and easily charge two mobile devices at once – without any additional accessories.

Gira USB power supply

With the optimal lighting, you’ll be on top form in your study and will have literally earned the right to put your feet up at the end of the day.

Are you also looking for the right lighting concept for other rooms in your home? Our series of articles tells you everything you need to know about lighting in the bedroom, living room and elsewhere.

What kind of lighting makes you productive when working from home? We look forward to your comments.

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