Home office in the garden – how to set up your outdoor office

Working from home has become the new normal in the last year and is likely to remain so for some time. But have you ever thought about using your shed as an office? If not, you might want to consider it.

Working in the garden – the advantages an office in the shed

Using your garden shed as an office may seem unusual at first, but it has many advantages:

  • Working undisturbed: No matter how nice it is to spend time with the family, we all need some peace and quiet to work. In a garden office you can get on with your job undisturbed and still be close to your loved ones.
  • Short commutes: No more being stuck in traffic at rush hour, no more stress on public transport, no more travel costs ... – need we say more?
An office in your own garden? Discover the advantages. Source: 1228 Home Design / YouTube

Bright and minimalist – how to design your garden office

  • When building your shed, make sure it has large windows, because one of the best ways to increase your productivity is to use natural daylight. Plus, the view of your own garden is both calming and inspiring.
  • On the interior walls, calm colours create a relaxed working atmosphere, while light-coloured furniture makes the room look bigger. Instead of a television, surround yourself with accessories that support your productivity.


  • If the weather permits, you can move your whole office outside. Simply plug your computer into a Gira light and energy profile. This stylish garden lighting not only provides good orientation in the dark but can also be equipped with several useful power outlets.
  • If you want to work in comfort on the patio, make sure you have enough outdoor sockets within reach. The Gira TX_44 socket outlets are weatherproof, break-resistant and impact-resistant.


Getting connected – electricity, internet and heating in the shed?

  • Electricity & internet An underground cable is a simple way to connect the shed to the household power supply. With a powerful router in the house, WLAN reception in the garden should not be a problem either. As long as your shed meets certain standards, you can install completely normal socket outlets inside – with the various Gira design lines you’re certain to find the right model for your interior design style.
  • In addition to the normal socket outlets, you can install a Gira USB power supply A&C in your shed – preferably right by your desk. It lets you simultaneously charge your smartphone and one other device quickly and easily, without any additional accessories.
  • Heating If you want to use your outdoor office in the winter too, it has to be heated. Nowadays, many garden sheds come supplied with an electric heater.


Gira USB power supply

Working from your own garden is a simple way to strike a balance between your job and your family.

We’re very excited by the many advantages of an outdoor office and can’t wait to build our own.

Do you also dream of moving your office into the garden? We look forward to your comments.

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