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Staying in shape has never been easier: smart ideas for a home gym

Fitness has become a major concern in today’s society. Still, there are many reasons why you might not want to sign up at a local gym. Inconvenient opening hours, crowded spaces, and pricey membership fees can quickly crush the firmest of resolutions.

Combined with the changes following Covid-19, it’s no wonder that the idea of a home gym sounds very appealing to more and more people. But what does it take to work out effectively, without the help of professional trainers or a wide range of equipment? Simply put: it’s all about the right setting and smart devices.

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How small can a home gym layout be?

One or two fitness gadgets might fit into a corner or closet. But if your equipment includes several large pieces (such as a treadmill, rowing machine, or weight bench), a separate workout room is definitely a good idea.

This room should also offer enough space to move freely, so you can do warm-ups, stretching, or yoga poses.

Ideas for your gym room design

Before figuring out which equipment to buy or where to put it, you first need the right setting. To help you get started, we’ve got three essential tips:

  • The room should be well ventilated – either through at least one window or a modern ventilation system. When you’re working out in enclosed spaces, the constant perspiration can raise the humidity level and impair your indoor air quality.
  • The type of flooring also makes a big difference. Choosing a room with expensive parquet or tiles for your home gym is not the best idea: we recommend a non-slip, scratch- and break-proof floor covering made from materials such as felt or cork.
  • If you live in an apartment building, noise could become an issue during intense workouts. Ideally, your home gym should have a solid footfall sound insulation. Additional mats and rugs keep the noise level at a minimum, ensuring that your neighbours won’t feel disturbed.

Home gym equipment ideas

Public gyms offer a huge range of machines and devices to train every single muscle. Surely, that’s nice to have. But did you know that you don’t need elaborate fitness gear for an effective full-body workout? Oftentimes, a few simple props are enough to do a variety of different exercises – including weight bands, a gymnastic ball, or even just a chair. Another great idea for home gym setups: smart devices that provide detailed feedback and personalised advice.

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Training on a smart fitness mat

You like to work out alone, but you could also use some personal coaching along the way? In that case, a smart mat will help you out. German manufacturer Fluid, for example, has developed a product called “Tera”, which serves as a stylish carpet and workout equipment all in one. Made from eco-friendly shear wool, this mat is connected to a coaching app.

It recognizes individual moving patterns and guides you through training units with varying degrees of difficulty. Another practical feature: the mat’s circular shape accommodates the natural radius of human motion, which makes it easy to transition from one pose to the next. Tera is just one example of how fitness equipment can become intelligent – as technology keeps evolving, there are more and more innovative ideas for home gyms complete with digital coaching.

AI technology has opened up new possibilities in the fitness industry. Source: YouTube / German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Home gym mirror: ideas to optimise your workout

At first glance, the Vaha looks like an ordinary standing mirror. But at the push of a button, it turns into an interactive screen that coaches you through entire workout sessions. You can choose from more than 200 exercise programs in various disciplines. Based on your capabilities and goals, the smart mirror sets individual challenges for you.

It will also provide precise feedback on your movement patterns.

What sets Vaha apart from other digital fitness programs is the option to work out under professional guidance: you can schedule a session with a trainer, who will then give you instructions in real time through the smart mirror.

A smart workout mirror leads you through each exercise with personalised feedback. Source: YouTube / VAHA

Getting fit with Virtual Reality

You’re easily bored by repetitive exercises? Then this home gym idea might sound appealing: the so-called Icaros is a fitness gadget that uses virtual reality to keep you entertained. Once you put on the VR glasses, you’ll dive into fascinating worlds that present you with different challenges.

The main goal is to maintain a steady balance by shifting your weight accordingly. Along the way, you will thus build strength and improve your coordinative abilities. The whole experience feels more like an exciting video game than a tedious workout session – so you won’t even notice how much effort it takes.

Thanks to VR technology, working out feels like playing a video game. YouTube / Icaros flight

Home gym ideas for a feel-good atmosphere

Fitness is not just about physical health – your mental well-being is just as important. In fact, a workout can yield much better results if you start out with a positive attitude. Creating comfortable surroundings goes a long way in optimising your performance – from ideal temperatures and lighting down to your favourite playlists. That’s where Smart Home technology comes in handy.

A compact mini server such as the Gira X1 enables you to connect a variety of devices and functions within one system. You can then monitor and activate all of these functions either via app or on the intuitive touchscreen of the Gira G1 control unit. Another smart idea for home gyms: configuring complete scenes where lighting and temperatures are adjusted automatically once you start a workout. If you add Amazon Alexa to your system, you can even change the music via voice command.

Gira G1 central control +

Gira G1

Heating, blinds, lighting: control your entire Smart Home with Gira G1. Compatible with KNX and wireless systems.

Gira G1: one central control unit to keep your entire Smart Home in check. Source: Gira

Whether you’re preparing for a marathon or just doing occasional weightlifting – your workouts should be fun, first and foremost.

Smart fitness gadgets make it easy to enjoy the process, regardless of how long it takes to reach your goals. Thus, even working out alone in the basement can turn into an interactive experience.

Which idea for a home gym setup did you like most? What’s your favourite activity to stay in shape? Let’s share thoughts in the comment section.

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