Get-fit kit: Essential equipment for smart home workouts

With innovative training apps and new smart sports devices coming onto the market all the time, the fitness market is truly embracing the digital age. But even with all these new gadgets to motivate us, going to the gym can still be a hassle: Inflexible opening hours, packed cardio zones and a lack of privacy can all be a drain on that initial motivation. So it makes sense that home workouts – which eliminate many of these factors – are in high demand; with your own personal gym at home, you can train how you want and when you want, without any interruptions.

Personal coaching for home fitness: A smart fitness mat for personalised workouts

You’re ready to start getting that heart rate up – so after warming up, you head to your mat for some strength exercises. The FitterYou smart mat combines a training mat with a coaching app, providing a customised programme for you based on a fitness check and the data you enter in the app. You decide if you want to focus on improving your health, getting stronger or losing weight.

FitterYou is a combination of training mat and coaching app.
Source: YouTube/FitterYOU

The innovative fitness mirror – for a whole new training experience

Time to move on to the next stage of your workout: At first glance, Vaha looks exactly the same as a standard mirror.

However, at the touch of a button it transforms into an interactive screen that guides you through your fitness exercises – with the help of your very own personal trainer. The mirror adjusts your personal training challenges to your needs and abilities. With over 200 guided exercises covering various types of training, you’re guaranteed to get a varied workout.

This smart mirror assists you during working out.
Source: YouTube/VAHA

Virtual reality fitness: The 21st century home trainer

If you want a truly futuristic workout, check out the Icaros trainer. This extraordinary-looking piece of equipment delivers a workout to match its unique aesthetic – using virtual reality goggles to create an immersive and fun experience.

While Icaros holds you in a horizontal position, your task is to shift your weight to keep the frame in balance. As you fly or dive through virtual worlds, you’ll forget that you’re also getting a full-body workout.

An exercise bike with intelligent VR technology. Source: YouTube/ ICAROS flight

Setting up your home gym: Comfort is key

Regardless of how you kit out your home gym, the environment in which you train is crucial to your success. Atmosphere has a huge impact on our mood and sense of wellbeing, which in turn affects our motivation and endurance when exercising.

It’s easy to adjust the lighting, room temperature and music to suit your fitness programme. The Gira X1 server, which connects all of your Smart Home devices, is a great way to do so.

With a few taps on the Gira G1 keypad, you can get your fitness space set up exactly how you want it without interrupting your workout: Simply choose an energising light scene for the workout and switch back to softer lighting once you’ve finished working up a sweat.

Turn the temperature down once you’re feeling a little warmer, and play some relaxing music from your Sonos speaker with Alexa to help you chill out at the end of your session.


Home gym ideas: woman working out using fitnessball and yoga mat
autoamatic blind control Gira G1

Whether you want to improve your fitness with an innovative home trainer or opt for a mat-based programme, it’s important to keep your workout routine fresh and fun.

Variety will help you maintain your motivation in the long run – and you’ll soon see your home gym investment start to pay off.

How would you set up your home gym? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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