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Design meets history: A tank hangar becomes an exclusive loft

Once upon a time tanks were repaired here, but today it’s a new modern building. The tank hangar in Salzburg houses a market, co-working spaces, restaurants, and a generous loft on the top floor. The latter was designed by Vienna’s smartvoll Architects and completed in 2015. It’s very large 8-metre high ceilings are truly impressive. They are fundamental to experiencing the space as a whole, which was a central focus of the project. The two-floor loft, enclosed by ancient brick walls, easily covers 250 square metres of indoor space and works well without any separating walls.

A light-flooded home with historical walls

The aim was to implement an open living concept. The biggest challenge for the architects was to preserve the historical parts of the building and at the same time create light-flooded rooms. The sleeping area was for instance directly placed at the window, providing a breath-taking view over the Salzburg mountains. And the loft itself is indeed not only large, but also extremely bright. The large windows and white walls make for an impressive and luminous experience of the space. Two terraces make it possible for the inhabitants to quickly get outside and enjoy the sunny summer days and comfy barbecue evenings.

Impressions of the former tank hangar

An open, contemporary loft

When you enter the home, the staircase immediately captures your attention. The floor plan offers sufficient space for the extraordinary concrete object, which also serves as a partition between the living room and entrance area. With its sweeping forms and warm materials, the stairs are an eye-catcher in the room. It’s like a piece of art in the middle of the loft. Below the concrete middle section of the construction, the kitchen – with its elegant seven metre long lava stone countertop – can be found. The kitchen is free-standing and centrally positioned between the living room, office, and entertainment area. The original brick walls were kept and lend an industrial character to the loft. At the same time, the curved galleries with light fair-faced concrete underline the minimalistic interior style.

The loft as a Smart Home

The enormous space allowed for the integration of a relaxation and thermal area, as well as a fire place – where, after an exhausting day, one can relax and enjoy the cosy atmosphere. Another highlight is the transparent shower: It makes you feel like you are floating four metres above the floor in the middle of the loft, as its protrudes freely into the room – truly extraordinary. The bathroom and guest room are situated on the second floor and are separated from the open living area by a translucent profilit wall. Another perk of the home is that it’s smart. To control the building, technology known as a KNX system, was installed. The brain behind the system is the Gira HomeServer: Here all of the information comes together, and gets assessed and then transformed into logical commands, before being sent to the various system components. In addition, the door intercom is operated with the Gira HomeServer. The systems high-end design seamlessly fits with the interior design concept of the home.

What do you think of the extraordinary home and its open living concept? We are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

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