Not-so-boring grey living room ideas: 4 gorgeous colour schemes with grey

The living room is the heart of the home – you spend evenings with your family here or enjoy movie nights with your friends in this room. Since your living room is used in so many different ways, it’s essential to decorate it in a way that shows off your preferred aesthetic, while making sure it is relaxing and refreshing. The grey living room ideas can make your personal interior style stand out, no matter what it is.

Thanks to the neutral nature of the colour grey, you can tweak it to make your interiors look fresh, calm, cool or even luxurious. Because let’s get it straight for once and for all – grey isn’t boring and is here to stay! In fact, Ultimate Grey is one of the Pantone colours of the year 2021, thanks to its solid and dependable quality. You just need to know how to use it. Read on to find out grey colour schemes for your living room.

One of the colours of 2021, Ultimate Grey, is emblematic of solid and dependable elements which are everlasting and provide a firm foundation. Source: YouTube / Pantone

Earthy tones with grey for a comforting feel

An earthy colour palette is deeply rooted in nature. Soft greys can be used along with natural colours, like chocolate browns, tans, moss green, umber, taupe or mustard. Thanks to the subdued, soothing and warm character of these tones, they create a perfect balance with the cool nature of the colour grey. Result: a colour scheme that looks elegant and feels cosy, making it suitable for the whole family.

When implementing this colour scheme, start off by deciding which colour would you like to use as a backdrop. If you’re looking for an overall warm look, pick an earthy tone for the backdrop, for example, hardwood floorings in rich brown. You can then coordinate the floor colour with a few of your furnishings and accessories in the same tone or a complementing earthy tone. Then, you’ll need to add shades of grey to round off the whole look – think grey walls, sofa or cushions.

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Grey in a black and white world for an opulent look

Black and white is a timeless colour combination and is also a favourite of colour-phobic people. However, the blend of these two contrasting colours can feel a little drastic. This is where grey comes to rescue.

Neutral grey can help you stay true to your monochromatic aesthetic while making the living space feel less harsh. Not only this, black and white, when decorated with artistic layers of grey, can create exceptionally luxurious looks.

If you’d like to team grey with black and white, go for grey accessories in a high-contrast room. You can add throws, cushions, an area rug and even switches in grey to break the boring monotony of black and white. The Gira switch range in grey fits beautifully in a black and white combination. The newly launched, design original, Gira E2 in grey is sure to create elegant contrasts on your walls. Alternatively, you can bring in the dramatic monotone feel in a grey room by using a deep grey on your walls and then mixing in plenty of black and white accessories. Gira also offers attractive frames for switches, sockets and Smart Home control units in black and white in both glossy and matt looks and various materials to help you create beautiful accents in grey living rooms.

Gira 2 switches

Grey with jewel tones for a rich, sophisticated vibe

Grey and jewel tones are a match made in interior design heaven. One of the contemporary grey living room ideas is to pick grey as the backdrop colour and add bling with pop hues. You can mix grey with a deeper, bolder jewel tone, like ruby red, citrine yellow, sapphire blue, amethyst purple or emerald green for a rich and refined colour scheme.

You can be as subtle or bold as you want with this interior style. No matter which jewel tone you pick with grey, together they are going to be complementary and not compete with each other. The colour scheme is therefore a favourite of both neutral grey lovers and jewel-tone fans as the mixing of grey with a bold hue helps balance the subtle and statement in living rooms.

Grey on grey for an industrial aesthetic

Turns out grey on grey also looks extremely stylish, making it one of the chic grey living room ideas. When various tones of grey are mixed together, they tend to create a room bursting with an industrial aesthetic. Since grey is neither black nor white, it’s a colour that doesn’t draw attention to itself. As such, it’s perfect for emulating industrial environments, which are functional and utilitarian.

However, tread carefully! Too much grey can look flat and dreary. To avoid this and to bring in a dramatic vibe instead, experiment with other aspects of interior design, for example, you can mix and match materials, like glass, concrete, tiles and steel. Different textures and patterns can be also incorporated into elements, such as pieces of artwork and furnishings.

Which colour scheme with grey is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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