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Green Living Space: Maximum comfort in mini prefab homes

In urban areas, living space is in short supply; Sland is expensive, and our hectic modern lifestyles mean that we need our homes to offer maximum flexibility. In the Green Living Space project, SchwörerHaus, Gira and Vaillant have joined forces to develop the perfect solution. Their mini prefab homes maximise comfort while minimising your footprint – and they can be erected virtually anywhere.

Green Living Space: Making the best of small spaces

The mini prefab home is based on Schwörer's "FlyingSpace" room module, which measures just 14.50 x 4.35 metres. The ground floor and roof terrace produce a combined living space of 82.12 square metres, with a cleverly designed, multifunctional open-plan interior. The Tiny House can sleep two and boasts a bathroom, separate toilet and an open-plan living and dining area with kitchen unit – in just 50 square metres of space.

A central console conceals the utility supply systems and divides the sleeping and living areas.

Flexible furniture: An essential finishing touch

Using flexible, multi-purpose furniture in the Green Living Space enables you to put your own stamp on your very own small space. Extend the worktops in the kitchen with wall-mounted folding tables. If you're not using the main dining table, which can seat up to 12 guests, simply split it in two and move the units around as you wish – perhaps against a wall to make a desk. The mini prefab home even has a full-length storage wall and space for a washing machine and waste sorting system. The light and airy interior creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and makes the space feel much larger than it is. White walls, warm wooden parquet flooring and light furniture and curtains create a chic Scandinavian vibe.

Green Living Space
Green Living Space
Green Living Space

Healthy green living – from top to bottom

The roof terrace seamlessly extends the living space into the great outdoors. An additional module can be integrated to create a utility room or a mini summerhouse. The open metal construction of the roof terrace can be fitted with a cover to protect the garden against sun and rain. The roof terrace offers ample space for alfresco dining and sunbathing, or for growing your own herbs and vegetables.

SchwörerHaus uses environmentally friendly materials selected based on criteria set by the Sentinel Haus Institute and TÜV Rheinland. The sustainable home module, constructed from wooden boards, does not use any protective chemical coatings.

The extension materials, furniture, flooring and interior wall surfaces are also completely natural, to create a happy and healthy living environment.

From Tiny House to Smart Home

The Green Living Space also boasts energy-efficient technology to minimise its environmental impact. The Smart Home control system uses the expandable Gira KNX system in conjunction with the Gira G1 control centre to deliver modern home comforts while also saving energy. A controlled ventilation system with heat recovery technology ensures that the temperature remains comfortable and keeps occupants warm and cosy on cold days. Eight vertical photovoltaic modules installed on the east-facing wall provide the home with free power to keep the technology running.

A energy efficent home should always have a green living Space
Green Living Space
Green Living Space

Here today, there tomorrow: Flexible construction in record time

Mini homes are not only cost-effective to run, but also exceptionally cost-effective to build. The prefabs are industrially manufactured to keep the costs down, while still offering a wide range of individual options for future occupants. "FlyingSpaces" are manufactured as complete homes, with everything you need ready to move in – including a fully fitted plumbing system, kitchen, and cupboards and oak parquet flooring.

The Tiny House can be installed in its new location in the space of just a few hours, without major site preparation work. If your circumstances change, you can simply pack up your Green Living Space, load it onto a truck and move it to a new location.

If you want to find out more about tiny houses and their advantages, you could be interested in the article Tiny Houses: Living comfort in the smallest spaces.

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