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Gira’s road to internationalization

The international positioning of Gira is an important factor in securing the company’s competitiveness and longevity. To generate sustainable growth, the company purposefully targets promising international markets. In two countries, Gira wants to extend and strengthen its position: Spain and the United Kingdom.

In both countries, the expert in intelligent building technology has founded independent subsidiaries.

Towards more growth

In the spring of 2018, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG founded legally and economically independent subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Spain. Thomas Musial, Gira’s Managing Director for domestic and international sales, explains that “systemically expanding our business into international markets is the key to continue on our growth track.” In this way, the company is expanding its international market share.

For the next five years the expert in building technologies is planning to increase their international market share to account for 30 percent of their total revenue. Today, Gira already sells their products in over forty countries. The Spanish and British markets are, in terms of revenue, fall in the top five international markets. The quality ‘Made in Germany’ quality of German products and the outstanding design of the Gira products continue to have a great reputation abroad. Founding Gira UK Ltd., located near London’s Heathrow Airport, and Gira Ibérica, S.L., in Barcelona, was therefore a logical step for the company to get even closer to its international clients.

A strong message in times of Brexit

Gira has been active in the United Kingdom since 2003: first through a sales agency and in 2010 they took to the market on their own, with a clear focus on high-end projects. The reference projects are truly impressive: Gira equipped the Design Museum in London that was opened at the end of 2016, the luxury residence Barts Square, and Fenman House in the centre of London, just to name a few. In the future, the now founded subsidiary will also focus more strongly on increasing wholesale trade, establishing its own presence in its country-wide branches. “It will help us that we strengthened our commitment to the British market, especially against the current political backdrop that has resulted from the upcoming Brexit,” states Managing Director Musial. “It has been perceived as a strong, positive message by our clients and market partners.”

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Enhancing Gira’s brand awareness

In 2012, Gira started an exclusive partnership with SmartClick, an importer with complete coverage of the Spanish market. Now, the building technology expert has taken over the majority of the Spanish company and, as a result, established the foundation for its own company Gira Ibérica. “It’s our objective to grow the awareness of the Gira brand further on the Iberian Peninsula and to intensify our sales efforts in a market with great design affinity,” explains Managing Director Musial.

Gira wants to, for example, highlight the benefits of the design line Gira System 55 and the various Smart Home solutions in a more prominent way amongst specialized retailers. Until now, Gira was primarily present in the project business in Spain and has, for example, provided four and five star hotels and exclusive residential complexes with intelligent building technology, like the Boutique-hotels of the OD-Group, the architectural landmark “Torre Pelli” in Sevilla, or the luxury residence “Girona 2” in Barcelona. With Gira Ibérica, the products of the family-owned company should start to be recognised and known by the end-consumer.

Gira delivers its products to over forty countries. In which country have you already run into a Gira switch?

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