Gira’s brand-new production, logistics and development centre

It’s been a challenging summer for Gira project managers Dietmar Daszkiewicz and Andreas Dürwald. Since work commenced on the new production, logistics and development centre in August 2016, the huge site to the east of Radevormwald has been a hive of activity, with 60 different trades and up to 200 employees working on site – sometimes seven days a week. Now, all the hard work is coming to fruition: Late July and early August saw the handover of the production and logistics areas.

Perfectly planned, expertly executed: Reaching the halfway point

Since February, the Gira logo has been illuminating all four sides of the building.

The impressive complex – which will eventually bring incoming goods, logistics, assembly, dispatch and development together under one roof – has been visible on the horizon from the nearby highway since August 2017. To mark the halfway point of the works in mid-September last year, Gira invited all 65 construction companies and the employees who were involved in the project to a “halfway point” celebration. The project managers and architect Professor Matthias Sauerbruch were delighted with the progress of the project: All work was on schedule and within budget. With the project on track for success, the go-ahead was given to start interior construction work, including the installation of high-rack storage and an automated small parts store, the completion of the production hall and the addition of office space for the development team.

Gira new building : The team that started the Project

Ultra-modern workspaces among think-tanks and a high-tech production facility

The open infrastructure of the new plant is designed to promote flexible and effective communication and collaboration across departments. In addition to production and logistics facilities and meeting and break rooms, the 30,000-square-metre site also houses a number of creative workshops and think-tanks where project teams of any size can get together to work on new projects.

The automated high-rack and small parts storage system is staffed by just a handful of employees. An intelligent warehouse management system controls all of the technology that coordinates material transport between production, the warehouse and dispatch with the help of a computer. The installation of the 22-metre-tall shelving was a complex and high-precision process; the system was positioned from above using a specially adapted crane before the cutting-edge conveyor technology was installed and subjected to extensive testing.

Gira new building: think thanks

Sustainable technology benefits employees and the environment

The operating concept of the new Gira plant – designed to ensure that energy and resources are utilised in the most efficient way – is innovative and pioneering. A thermal water storage system in the concrete floor maintains a target temperature of 21 degrees Celsius across the building, regardless of the outside temperature. A heat recovery system and waste heat utilisation system help to keep energy consumption low, working in partnership with combined heat and power plants which generate both heat and energy. The building is equipped with digital Gira building technology – which is part of the reason why the energy consumption of the plant will be around 45 percent lower than the limit specified in the German Energy Saving Ordinance for buildings of this type.

The new Gira plant: A lighthouse project for the company and the region

While the production and logistics processes were commissioned in stages over the summer, machines, materials and employees were also gradually moved into the new building. Although the logistics systems are already installed, the production equipment for the new site will largely need to be relocated from the current location to the new site, which is around a kilometre away. This process is to take place with no interruption to production – a project that will prove almost as challenging as the construction project itself. Only when the last of the 550 employees have moved into their new workplaces and all systems have successfully commenced operation can Gira finally declare this pioneering building project complete – a moment that will mark the beginning of a new chapter for the growing technology company.

Gira new building

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