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Gira's innovations at Light + Building 2018

Being a long-term expert in the area of intelligent building technology, Gira continuously explores new innovative routes. At this year’s trade fair Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Gira once again presented its latest solutions. From March 18 to 23, visitors could discover Gira’s innovations in Hall 11.1 at Stand B16/B32.

Gira’s innovations come in twos: Gira X1 for Alexa and Sonos

Alexa reads, searches, and informs – and from June onwards it can even do more! Amazon’s Alexa will also be able to speak with the server Gira X1; the foundation of the Smart Home. The lighting and blinds can be controlled by speech, and various settings can be activated with short verbal commands. In this way, you can conveniently manage your Smart Home, even when you do not have your table or smart phone with the Gira X1 App around.

From October 2018 onwards, you can listen to your music in the best sound quality in your Smart Home with the wireless speakers of Sonos. The exclusive sound system can be connected with the Gira X1, so you can enjoy your music with the best-possible sound quality. You easily manage playlists, songs, and volume using the Gira X1 App, as well as select individualised scenes. You can, for example, time your sound system whilst on the road to make sure that the music turns on as you enter your home. Connect your audio management to the wall-mounted KNX touch sensor, to be able to quickly press play and easily access other functions.

KNX or wireless: Which system is right for your Smart Home?

Flexible plug & light lighting sockets

Switch your lights on and off, and smoothly dim your lights – and all this comes in a fitting design. The new interface Plug & Light merges light control with power supply enabling maximum flexibility for planning interior lighting. This system is a global first, and can be applied to all the usual flush-mounted sockets by Gira, making the installation of this open system particularly easy. You can just connect the light extension with a magnet to the light socket: Now the light can be turned 360° and can be replaced any time.

Gira S1: Secure remote access to your KNX Smart Home

Security is a top priority for Gira. The new Gira S1, in combination with the Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer does not only provide for maximum flexibility, but also secure intelligent building management. Thanks to encrypted data transmission, your entire KNX System has just become even more secure, also when controlled and maintained remotely. With the Gira X1-App or Gira HomeServer application for iOS, you are connected with your Smart Home all the time and receive text or voice messages, or emails with important updates directly on your smart phone.

Gira S1 for smart living

Safety first with Gira’s security system Alarm Connect

No matter what happens – a break-in, a fire, a shattered window, or unwanted nightly activities on your property – with Gira’s security system Alarm Connect your home is always prepared for any situation. The central, holistic security solution can be seamlessly integrated with the Gira X1 into the KNX system and can hold up to 120 different warnings. Because of intelligent communication amongst all connected devices and the remote control option, you are in charge of your home’s security using just your smart phone. Implementing the Gira S1 or X1 App is just as easy and flexibly as its use. It can simply be retrofitted without any need for wiring.

Know who’s at the door when you’re not home

Gira TKS mobile makes this possible. As a function in the well-known TKS-IP-Gateway for iOS and Android, Gira offers a new, highly-encrypted solution to get mobile access to your door intercom system. The in-house developed Gira Portal additionally offers new features such as group calls. Over the award-winning Gira Interface, you can see who’s at the door and open the door, all on your mobile device. As for the Gira S1, also the door communication system enjoys maximum data transmission security thanks to the Secure Data Access software.

Black and white: The new switch series Gira Studio

Gira’s switch range S-Color already showed us how well round and square shapes can go together. With the new switch range Gira Studio it becomes clear how dynamic formats on a static wall can set outstanding contrasts. The monochrome series made of white or black glass is a highlight on your wall. More than 300 functions of the Gira System 55 can be integrated in the round-and-square-shaped installation. In October 2018, Gira Studio will be available in the form of single switches or combined multiple switches.


The tiny black square: Gira E2 in matte black

Also the switch assortment Gira E2 will not only continue to amaze us with its huge range of functionalities in a sleek appearance, but will also come in a new, exclusive colour. The surface in matte black adds a puristic elegance to the simplistic design and completes the monochrome style of minimalist interior design.

As you can see, there was an abundance of innovative highlights at Light + Building 2018.

Which innovate product is your favourite? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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