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The Design Configurator: Decisions made easy with Augmented Reality

Colour, shape and function: the choice is yours

The range of interior design products on offer is massive, and the possibilities practically endless. Selecting and deciding on important details can be especially time-consuming. One example is choosing the right light switch product range – besides the functionality, the design plays a crucial role as it should match the style and design direction of your home. Instead of spending hours browsing through catalogues, you can conveniently combine models, colours and frames, and use your tablet or smartphone to preview your design on your wall. This is possible with Gira’s Design Configurator and the help of augmented reality.

What is augmented reality?

„Augmented reality suggests a sense of “extended reality” and enhances our physical reality with digital components and information. This principle is known from smart glasses: you look at a building, and information about it appears on the lens of your smart glasses. Besides the gaming industry, the interior design industry has also come to value this technology. Customers can check in advance whether the selected and visualized switch range fits their interior concept. In this way, augmented reality becomes a personal interior design assistant, making the design process more fun.

The Gira Design Configurator

Combine, simulate and select your perfect design. Source: Gira

The Gira Design Configurator: all possibilities with a single click

While the phrase “Just imagine...” sounds good, seeing is believing. The Design Configurator displays all switch and frame ranges on your screen with a single click. Pressing the “3D” button allows you to view your selection from all angles. You can save your favourites instantly and go over them again any time. And your options aren’t just limited to light switches and socket outlets; you can also configure intelligent functions such as the Gira touch sensor 3 or the surface-mounted home station video..

Upgrade: Design Configurator 2.0

Another useful function has now been added to the Design Configurator:

the mobile version offers a Live View mode that allows you to visualise the selected product directly in your home using augmented reality. To do so, you print a “tracking image” and place it in the area where you would like to install the selected product.

For instance, you can place the Gira Esprit switch range next to the door, or arrange the flush-mounted radio above the kitchen work area. On screen, the tracking image is replaced by the desired object. In this way, “Just imagine...” turns into “Take a look...” − a function that supports and greatly simplifies the decision-making process.

Have you already selected your favourites using the Design Configurator? We look forward to hearing all about it in the comments section.

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