Gira wins Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2018


Christmas came early for Gira: The jury was impressed by the stainless steel version and the flush-mounted version of the E2 design line, as well as the Gira X1 app and presented the three with the Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Interior. The prestigious award is considered a barometer for trends in the interior decorating industry and is presented annually by an international jury of renowned experts.

Gira E2: Design and functionality at the highest level

The Gira E2 switch range combines pared-down design with functional materials and intelligent technology. The E2 design line received the “Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Interior – Best of Best”. This line’s colour varies between a neutral grey scale of pure white matt, pure white glossy, and aluminium to anthracite. This way, the colour shades are made to fit a wide variety of interior styles.
But the stainless steel version not only features classy looks. Its antibacterial surface also makes for an excellent choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Minimalist design, elegant metal: Flat installation of the Gira E2 stainless steel design line

In addition to conventional flush-mounted installation, all versions of the Gira E2 design line can now be installed protruding 3 mm from the wall for an elegant, minimalist look. The flush version received the “Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Interior – Winner”. Over 300 functions can be implemented in combination with the Gira system 55. The many Gira E2 design options – and, of course, those of the other Gira design lines – can be combined with selected functions from the Gira range in the Gira Design Configurator. This way, you are able to select the switch and frame range that best fit your personal furnishing style.

Iconic Award 2018: Interior Innovation – the Gira X1 app

The app for the Gira X1 turns existing mobile devices into operators for intelligent building technology. The user-friendly interface of the Gira X1 app visualises the KNX installation of a single-family home and makes its functions available: dimming, switching, blind and heating control, as well as backing up scenes and timers. All of these functions can be viewed and controlled via the associated Gira X1 app.


Thanks to its simple and intuitive set up, the app was awarded an Iconic Award in the category “Innovative Interior - Best of Best”. The user can control his or her entire Smart Home remotely – just by using the Gira X1 app. Whether you forgot to switch off the lights, want to turn up the heating before you come home, or remotely control the blinds while on holiday, the Gira X1 app lets you control your Smart Home at all times and from anywhere. The Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Interior once again highlights the quality and competence of Gira when it comes to innovative and elegant design as well as excellent functionality.

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