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Gira System 55: A modular system with endless combinations

All Gira design lines are examples of exceptional design that is built using high-quality materials. From the elegant Gira E2 line to the Gira Esprit design line, you can create endless combinations to match your electrical fixtures to your interior style.

Modular system for total flexibility

The Gira System 55 has been developed and enhanced continually since its introduction, with new functions and systems being added all the time. The system now offers over 300 functions to create personalised installation solutions – including power outlets and light switches, the Gira door communication system, the call system and the world’s largest range of data and communication connection technology.

Even with this array of applications and functions, the design is based on a single uniform concept that is used throughout the design line. The central insert is the starting point for any solution: This is where the required function, such as a light switch or motion sensor, is installed. The standardised dimensions of 55 x 55 millimetres enable you to combine any switch insert from the Gira System 55 with any frame design from the following design lines:

  • Gira Standard 55
  • Gira E2
  • Gira E3
  • Gira Esprit
  • Gira Event
  • Gira ClassiX

A robust solution: Gira System 55 + Gira TX_44

The Gira TX_44 design line can also be expanded with System 55 functions using special adapter frames. This line was developed especially for use outdoors and in wet rooms. With thermoplastic elements, the TX_44 design line is shatter-proof, weather-proof and microbiologically safe. In combination with the Gira System 55, the design line can be installed in a host of practical applications: Outdoor motion sensors and door communication systems are popular options. But what about a data connection on the patio? Imagine a warm summer’s evening watching a film with friends under a starry sky. A weather-resistant direct audio and video connection or a direct internet connection point saves you having to route cables from inside your home and guarantees a faultless connection – so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie. As the Gira System 55 is compatible with Gira TX_44, it can also be integrated into the popular Gira light and energy profiles.

Gira System 55 with Gira Esprit Glas design line in the Cabin One Minimal House
Gira System 55

Flexible & simple: Expand your existing installations with the Gira Profile 55

As its name suggests, the Gira System 55 is also compatible with the Gira Profile 55. This expansion solution allows you to easily and flexibly adapt your electrical installations to suit your requirements. Perhaps you’re converting your child’s bedroom into a home office now they’ve flown the nest – so you’ll need more power sockets to connect devices such as your laptop, a desk lamp and a radio. The Gira Profile 55 and its flush-mounted installation system allows you to convert a simple power socket into a multifunctional power bar without having to drill into the wall to lay new cables.

The benefits of the Gira System 55: An overview

The Gira System 55 opens up countless new possibilities for your electrical installation:

1. The system has been continually developed and is now compatible with over 300 cutting-edge building technology functions. By combining the system with frames from six Gira design lines, you can choose from eight colour options to match any interior – whether your style is elegant and traditional or minimalist and streamlined.

3. The Gira System 55 is the only available design line on the market that offers 1-gang to 5-gang cover frames. Within these you can combine all the functions you need – from light switches to USB-ports. Thanks to a specially designed expansion solution, the Gira System 55 can be combined with the Gira TX_44 design line and the Gira light and energy profiles for use outdoors. The Gira Profile 55 allows you to expand existing systems with functions from the Gira System 55 with complete ease and flexibility – creating a solution that grows with you as your needs change.

Have you seen the Gira System 55 in action? What did you think? Share your experiences with other readers in the comments.

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