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Gira Studio: One design line, endless inspiration

The new Gira Studio design line is all about contrasts, with classic combinations of squares and circles and black and white. Whether you opt for a surface-mounted model to add a touch of industrial chic to your interior, or the flush-mounted version for a streamlined and modern look, this design line is a stylish addition to any wall.

Combined with Gira System 55 inserts, the design and installation options are virtually limitless. With the new Gira Studio design line, form and function go hand in hand.

Make A Statement On Any Wall With Gira Studio

ira Studio: A vintage design gets a modern makeover

The Gira Studio design line was inspired by round vintage light switches, reinterpreted with new contrasting elements for a clean and modern look. The square switches in round frames bring style, function and dynamic design to a static surface. Contrast is at the forefront of the design, with timeless interchangeable black and white glass frames that you can combine as you wish – black on white or white on black. Although the line makes a deliberate move away from the familiar square design, the Gira Studio switches are fully compatible with Gira System 55 products. With the right inserts, you can integrate more than 300 building technology functions into your new surface-mounted or flush-mounted design switches.

Design exposed: Make a statement with contrasts

With defined lines, premium materials and access to all Gira System 55 functions, the new design line can be used to make a statement in the most unexpected of places. The eye-catching surface-mounted model looks fantastic on exposed brickwork, raw concrete and plaster – creating an industrial feel that looks great not only in contemporary loft interiors, studios or living rooms, but also in a home gym or workshop you use for crafts or DIY.

One design line, endless options

The modern surface-mounted model in the new Gira Studio design line is much more than a light switch: It is also ideal for multiple installations. The new variant can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position. If you need safe power outlets for your work equipment or home entertainment devices, you can also use the design line to install Gira socket outlets.

The flush-mounted option also opens up a range of design possibilities, including single or multiple installation options; in combination with the Gira RDS flush-mounted radio, the switch can be transformed into a music system, so that you can enjoy your favourite radio shows in stereo – straight from the wall.

In combination with Gira System 55, the new design line offers endless design options and virtually limitless functionality. No matter which installation options you decide on, one thing is certain: Gira Studio will fit seamlessly with your design aesthetic and turn your wall into a talking point.

Make A Statement On Any Wall With Gira Studio
Make A Statement On Any Wall With Gira Studio
Make A Statement On Any Wall With Gira Studio

Functional design with a minimalist aesthetic

Seamlessly combining form and function, the unconventional design line is the perfect complement to the industrial chic look of exposed beams, light bulbs and pipes.

Whether used as a simple touch switch to control your lights, in combination with inserts from the Gira home station to create a door intercom system, or with Gira System 3000 for electronic blind control: The design line is an authentic finishing touch to the perfect imperfection of industrial styling. Gira Studio is available from October.

How are you planning to use the Gira Studio design line in your home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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