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Gira eNet SMART HOME: A flexible wireless home automation solution 

For some people thinking about converting their house into a Smart Home, the thought of all of the complex planning and disruptive building work involved can be a major obstacle – one that might even put them off altogether.

However, the latest wireless home automation systems allow you to benefit from smart technology without the inconvenience of extensive construction work.  With Gira eNet SMART HOME, you can connect your home – whether it’s a new or an existing building – using a flexible wireless system.

How to make your home smart


Flexible wireless home system: The easy way to a smarter home

eNet SMART HOME is a flexible Smart Home solution developed by an alliance of leading brands. The wireless home system can be installed in any living space. Gira eNet SMART HOME requires no complex wiring work or building modernisation – all of the home system components are connected wirelessly via the new eNet server. The solution enables you to manage various products for intelligent building technology – from heating and lighting to your alarm – and to control these functions from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home.  

Your home in the palm of your hand – the eNet SMART HOME app

With the eNet SMART HOME app, you can check how much energy your home is consuming while you’re out, or roll down your window shutters from the office, with just a few taps. 

From your smartphone, you can control and configure your home from any location: Define your own rules and set your own custom schedules to adjust individual functions and program entire scenarios. The app also enables you to keep an eye on the power consumption of all connected devices so that you can live a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable life. Gira eNet SMART HOME not only makes your home a more comfortable and convenient place to be, but also helps you save energy. Gira eNet SMART HOME features encrypted communication technology to guarantee highly secure data transmission and to protect your privacy. All online services rely exclusively on servers that are hosted in Germany.

Wireless switches and buttons: Smart – inside and out

The Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless home system can be controlled via your smartphone or via smart switches – which work even without an internet connection. 

Intelligent solutions for your Smart Home

Smart home control via wireless technology.
As one of the founding members of the eNet SMART HOME alliance, Gira products are the perfect starting point for a smooth transition to Smart Home technology. As the new wireless home system is based on Gira’s existing eNet system, upgrading to the new technology is an easy process with the new version of the eNet server, or if you’ve already installed an eNet server. A software update is available for Version 2.0, the new version of the eNet server. Except for the Gira wireless hand-held transmitter Multi, the wireless ZS transducer and the eNet Mobile gate, all previous eNet components are compatible with the new system. Existing switches and buttons can easily be replaced with Gira eNet wireless operating top units, enabling existing functions to be integrated into the new system.

Automatic comfort and convenience: What makes the Gira eNet SMART HOME so intelligent?

Gira eNet SMART HOME uses a sensor-actuator concept to adapt to your day-to-day life. Integrated sensors measure environmental parameters and send their data to actuators, which then execute the commands they receive. If a sensor detects that a specific sunlight threshold has been reached, it can send this information to the actuator, which initiates the closure of the blinds. 

Lights can also be switched on and off once specific thresholds are reached; the heating can be controlled based on the indoor and outdoor temperature, creating a diverse range of custom scenarios to suit your lifestyle and your home.

The wireless home system that grows in line with your needs 

As the wireless home system is easy to retrofit, you can upgrade to Smart Home technology even if you rent your property. If you move house, simply take your Gira eNet SMART HOME system with you. The wireless system adapts to virtually any living situation, and grows with you as your family expands, or when your needs change as you get older.

Ready to make your home smart? With the flexible wireless system, you can transform your house into a Smart Home that will grow with you and your family.

Have you got any questions about the Gira eNet SMART HOME system? If so, leave us a comment below or contact our system integrators directly.

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