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The Gira design lines at a glance

The process of choosing light switches for your home is no longer solely about finding a design you like the look of – it's about individual solutions that match all kinds of lifestyles, rooms and comfort needs. To give you the flexibility you're looking for, the Gira switch range features integrated Gira System 55 technology, packing full functionality and a wide range of design options into a casingmeasuring just 55 millimetres square.

Product dimensions are standard across the range, allowing you to swap and replace central inserts, covers and frames from the Standard 55, E2, E3, Event, Esprit and ClassiX lines – this means that you can add new functions or match your switches to your new interior whenever you want.

Gira Standard 55 in white

Gira E2: More depth than meets the eye

Whether your style is minimalist or mid-century, the Gira E2 switch line and its monochrome colour palette perfectly compliment modern interiors. Behind the streamlined and minimalist casing lies the intelligent technology of Gira System 55, which provides access to over 300 different functions. The high-quality stainless-steel switch,– especially the new, 3.4-millimetre slim flat installation model – fits seamlessly into any interior design concept.

Gira E3 and Gira Event: Elegant switches for free thinkers

The two-part design of the puristic Gira E3 design line creates a sophisticated aesthetic and allows you to build a solution tailored to your needs. The Gira System 55 makes it possible to combine frames and inserts, which are available in eight colour variants. The rounded Gira Event design line – available in matching colours or with eye-catching contrasts – comes in bold colours such as green, amber and intense blue, transforming the simple light switch into a focal point on your wall. With all three lines, you can combine the various surface material options and 17 frame variants with inserts in white, aluminium or anthracite.

Gira E3 light switch in white
Gira E3 light switch in grey and white

Gira Esprit: Back to basics with natural materials

Functional, sustainable and attractive, the Gira Esprit design line is the perfect choice for Scandinavian-style interiors. The linoleum-plywood, glass or metal surfaces create a sophisticated, timeless and understated aesthetic. The linoleum-plywood Gira Esprit combines two natural materials in a single frame in a colour of your choice. This makes it the perfect choice for interior concepts where there is a preference for sustainable materials and clear design language. Esprit switches in chrome, aluminium and stainless steel are the ideal finishing touches for minimalist interiors.

Gira ClassiX: Luxurious style and artistic detailing

If you're looking to combine sophistication and elegance with ultimate functionality, the Gira ClassiX design line is the solution you're looking for. With its rounded corners and shimmering metallic finish, the ClassiX brings a touch of timeless elegance to traditional and contemporary interiors. Golden brass, brushed bronze and silver chrome finishes create an even more luxurious look. Frames from the ClassiX Art design line feature exquisite artistic detailing.

Gira Esprit Glas switsch in the bathroom.
Gira Esprit linoleum light switch
gira classix in art deco interior design trend

Robust and waterproof: Outdoor switch systems

Designed for gardens, balconies and patios, the Gira TX_44 is protected against water splashes and boasts a reinforced frame, robust materials and theft-proof mounting, making it ideal for use in outdoor settings. The TX_44 can be installed in the empty units of the Gira energy profile, which can also be fitted with connection points for speakers and phones, or with power outlets to enable you to use your electronic devices outdoors.

The TX_44 switch range provides access to the full range of the Gira System 55 functions, specificallyfor outdoors and wet rooms.

The waterproof IP44 or IP66 mounting provides protection against the most challenging weather conditions.

The robust switch range is the ideal starting point for installing power outlets, light switches and connections in cellars, garages and workshops, as well as in outdoor spaces or agricultural areas.

Waterproof switches with specially designed mounting

Gira Standard 55, E2 and surface-mounted switches can also be installed with protection against splashing water with the help of a special sealing kit and the waterproof IP44 mounting. With its crack-proof, impact-resistant thermoplastic surface, the Standard 55 is the most robust and easy to maintain option for outdoor use.

The minimalist Gira F100 features a streamlined design while also offering all the essential features for cutting-edge comfort and convenience.

S-Color and Gira surface-mounted switches: Simply beautiful and beautifully simple

Whether you opt for a simple dimmer switch, a double switch or a universal power outlet, the Gira S-Color system is an immediately recognisable classic thanks to the rounded shape of its inserts, and is also the perfect functional complement to mid-century design interiors. The robust frames – available in pure white, grey, black, blue and red – are light and weather-resistant.

The Gira surface-mounted design line is ideal for dry rooms where you want to avoid opening up the walls, and comes complete with a double power socket and a rocker or series switch. The easy installation is yet another benefit of this range – simply attach the switch to the wall using the clip mechanism.

Whether you're looking to put the finishing touches to a design, create a puristic control centre in your Smart Home, or to add an elegant accent to your unique interior, the Gira design lines can be tailored to your comfort and lifestyle needs.

Gira S-colour design line in grey
Gira S-colour design line in grey

Which switch range do you use to set the mood in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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