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Individual switches for every home: the Gira design lines

Planning your electric installation, you not only have to consider how many light switches you need in which places. You also should ask yourself: “How will these switches actually look in my home?” Modern switch solutions offer different frames than can be adjusted to your individual taste and requirements.

With this in mind, Gira has developed seven design lines to match any type of interior: Gira Standard 55, Gira E2, Gira E3, Gira Event, Gira Studio, Gira Esprit, and Gira ClassiX. All of these lines are based on the Gira System 55. Thanks to standardised measurements (55 x 55 millimetres), you can interchange central inserts, covers, and frames as you wish. It thus becomes easy to bring new technology and a new look to your home.

 Gira design lines
Discover individual switch solutions in various designs for any type of home. Source: Gira

Gira E2: The design original with functional depth

Known for its monochrome colour palette and plain shape, the Gira E2 has been a timeless classic for more than 20 years. Subtle shades like pure white glossy, pure white matt, colour aluminium, or the new variants black matt and grey matt work particularly well in minimalistic settings.

Behind the seemingly simple frame, intelligent technology combines more than 300 functions offered by the Gira System 55. The Gira E2 switches made from stainless steel are equally unobtrusive and harmonise with various interior styles – especially the wall-mounted variant with a depth of only 3.4 millimetres.


Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Modern and timeless: the Gira E2 design line is a great fit for minimalist interiors. Source: Gira

Gira E3: elegant switches for individualists

Rounded outside, edgy inside: the Gira E3 design line is not only eye-catching, but also surprisingly versatile. As part of the modular Gira System 55, Gira E3 can be easily combined with inserts like rocker switches or pushbutton switches.

The rounded frame with a soft-touch finish (either high-gloss or silk-matt) has six colour variants to subtly accentuate puristic spaces. By way of example, variants such as sand, umbra, or grey work particularly well with Scandi Chic or Natural Look interiors.


Gira E3

Explore the broad variety of Gira E3 switches: six colour variations with matt silk or glossy finishes.

Rounded outside, edgy inside: Gira E3 switches is an eye-catcher on every wall. Source: Gira

Gira Event: endless possibilities for special “events” on your wall

With the design line Gira Event, you can let your creativity run wild. Apart from the curved frame, this switch stands out due to its three-part construction: The inner and outer frames are complemented by functional inserts that can be combined in various ways.

For the design variants Gira Event and Gira Event Clear, you may choose from several materials and ten colours. Soft hues such as mint, sand, or brown, and and classic shades such as pure white glossy or black turn this switch into a true visual “event” in urban, minimalistic spaces.


Gira Event

Upgrade your home with Gira Event switches: award-winning design combined with smart technology.

With its curved frame, the Gira Event design line creates a new, refreshing look on your wall. Source: Gira

Gira Studio: an innovative play with contrasts

Edgy and round, black and white, futuristic and retro: The design line Gira Studio explores unconventional routes of interior aesthetics. Either flush- oder surface-mounted, the switch’s signature round shape makes a strong statement in avantgarde-style homes.

Whether it be unicoloured or black-and-white: The surface-mounted installation leaves a striking impression on bare brickwork, exposed concrete, or textured plaster in loft apartments and industrial-style homes.


Gira Studio

Round meets square: the Gira Studio design line stands out with its bold play of contrasts.

With its curved frame, the Gira Event design line creates a new, refreshing look on your wall. Source: Gira

Gira Esprit: sustainability in clear form

With a focus on healthy living and natural elements, the Gira Esprit design line is the perfect fit for puristic, earthy interiors. The linoleum-plywood variant merges two renewable, environmentally friendly materials into one indidually coloured frame.

This type of design subtly accentuates the down-to-earth ambiance of country-style homes and the New Natural look. Gira Esprit switches made from glass, chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, or bronze add an elegant finish to minimalistic interiors.


Gira Esprit

15 colour variants, innovative design, sustainable materials: Gira Esprit switches meet the highest quality standards.

With its curved frame, the Gira Event design line creates a new, refreshing look on your wall. Source: Gira

Gira ClassiX: chic luxury with artful details

If you are looking for a switch solution that combines timeless elegance with a broad range of functions, we recommend the design line Gira ClassiX. Rounded corners and a gleaming metallic finish bring a touch of glamour to classic or modern interiors.

Frames are available in golden brass, brushed bronze, or sparkling silver chrome – a look that perfectly complements style trends such as Art Déco and Luxury Minimal Design. For those who love ethno- or boho-style elements, the design line offers a special variant: Gira ClassiX Art switches flaunt delicate ornaments incorporated into the frame.


Gira ClassiX

Available in bronze, brass, or chrome, the Gira ClassiX design line adds a touch of luxury to any home.

With its curved frame, the Gira Event design line creates a new, refreshing look on your wall. Source: Gira

Water-protected and robust: Gira outdoor socket outlets

In addition to seven design lines compatible with the Gira System 55, there are further options for both indoor and outdoor use.

Among these, socket outlets from the Gira TX_44 range are just as functional as they are aesthetic. They can be installed in wet rooms or gardens, and you can easily integrate them into Gira energy profiles.


Gira outdoor socket outlets

Gira TX_44 socket outlets are ideal for gardens or wet rooms and compatible with Gira energy profiles.

With its curved frame, the Gira Event design line creates a new, refreshing look on your wall. Source: Gira

Gira surface-mounted design lines for even more functions on your wall

In dry rooms, where new switches can be retrofitted without elaborate renovation work, Gira surface-mounted switches are a good fit: Rather than tearing your walls open, you simply install the cables with a clip fastening. Available design variants include Gira Studio, Gira E2, Gira Standard 55, and Gira Profile 55.

Mix & Match: Choose the design and functions that fit your home best

With the Mix & Match method, you have even more possibilities to create your individual switch design. Just pick your favourite materials and colours, and then add all the inserts and functions you need – it's as simple as that. Apart from conventional switch and socket inserts, Gira Smart Home inserts such as the Gira KNX button and the Gira Home Station equally fit all frames of the Gira design lines.

Still not quite sure which design line is right for you? No worries – the Gira design configurator will help you out. Using Augmented Reality, this tool gives you a preview of how different design lines and combinations of colours and materials will look on your walls.

Just download the Design Configurator app from the App Store or Google Play Store and print out a tracking motif from the Gira website. Then place the tracking motif on the spot where you would like to install a switch, and scan it with your mobile device. The app will promptly create a virtual presentation in “Live View” mode!

Which design line would you like to see in your home? We look forward to your ideas!

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