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Geometric wall design: how to use shapes and patterns at home

Think geometry is boring? Well, you might be right if you’re thinking back to your school maths lessons. But when it comes to wall design, geometric shapes and patterns – made up of stripes, diamonds or triangles – are right on trend. Geometric walls are the perfect complement to a modern interior, can be combined with a wide range of colour palettes, and allow ample scope for creative expression.

Whether you opt for subtle or bold, black and white or colourful and bright: Geometric wall design allows you to create an incredibly diverse and fascinating look. But which patterns have a calming and peaceful effect, which create a minimalist and streamlined aesthetic, and which inject life and energy into a space? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the world of geometric wall design.

Edgy: Wall design using basic geometric shapes

With just a few simple geometric shapes – the kind we’re all familiar with from our school days – you can create a virtually never-ending supply of designs for your walls. What about a hexagon honeycomb pattern, or a wall full of diamonds? Or triangles lined up neatly in a row – or scattered about randomly? Regular, repeated patterns and symmetrical designs generally have a calming effect, while an asymmetric pattern adds a touch of edgy excitement, which can inspire creativity.

Squares and rectangles are all-time geometric classics. These kinds of shapes create order, making them ideal as a backdrop for shelving or your favourite painting. Geometric designs also serve as great backgrounds for frameless mirrors.


Gira Studio

Round meets square: the Gira Studio design line stands out with its bold play of contrasts.

Mix shapes and patterns to create your own geometric wall design. Source:

Off the wall: Classic stripes and the ever-popular zig-zag

In the worlds of fashion and interior design, stripes have earned themselves a rightful place among the design classics. Whether you opt for subtle pinstripes or bold blocks: Stripes on the wall create a clean look and give your room a unique charm. Deliberate irregularities in the pattern can create amazing results, but a word of warning: Don’t overdo it, or the entire room will seem chaotic.

Variations on the timeless stripe exist not only in terms of width and spacing, but also in orientation: Horizontal stripes will make a room look wider, while vertical stripes will make the ceiling seem higher.

Chevron patterns are a huge trend at the moment. Originally, chevrons were used in the military to denote rank. Lined up side by side, they create the familiar zig-zag pattern – and rows of zig-zags on top of one another are what makes up the chevron pattern.

On the wall, this unusual design creates a slightly retro look, producing a cool ambience that perfectly coordinates with contemporary interiors.

Geometric wall design – a custom fit for any room

In areas of your home where there is little space for furniture – think entrances or hallways – wall design has a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. Dynamic shapes can shine a positive light on corners that are so often unloved and overlooked. But geometric wall design can be used anywhere in the home – if you pick a pattern that is appropriate for the area. The colours you select play an important role, too.

Subtle pastel stripes are a great choice for the bedroom; triangles in bright colours inject life into the living room, while a band of black and white chevrons works well above kitchen work surfaces. There are so many wonderful ways to use geometric patterns on your walls. Just follow this general rule of thumb: The more chaotic the design, the more restrained you should be in decorating the rest of the room.

view at the lvingroom and wall
view at a chair in livingroom
view at a chair in the livingroom

Coordinated accessories for geometric wall designs

Geometric wall design works best in minimalist interiors. If you stick to streamlined, monotone furniture, it's virtually impossible to go wrong. Symmetrical patterns often work really well with a vintage look. Edgy designs are best reserved for a modern interior. But classic stripes can also be combined with a more traditional style of decor.

Finally, here’s our number-one tip: If you’re updating your walls, don’t forget to show your switches and sockets some love, too. With your old wallpaper, you probably never gave your switches a second glance. But if you’re using patterns to draw attention to your walls, it’s essential to get the details right: The streamlined Gira E2 switches use a clear design language that makes them the perfect match for a clean and minimalist aesthetic. If you want a bit more colour, the retro Gira S-Color might be just what you’re looking for.

bathroom view
light switch black and white
lightswitch at wall in red

Whether you go for a repeating honeycomb pattern or asymmetrical triangles, geometric wall design enables you to create the exact look and feel you want for your room.

All you have to decide is whether you want a room that brings peace and harmony to your busy lifestyle, or a room that inspires energy and creativity.

Would you use geometric wall design in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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