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Garden Trends 2020: Five fresh ideas for the new outdoor season

With such good weather, you may already feel the call of your garden and look forward to taking breaks outside. Since many of us like to spend more time in the garden as the weather gets warmer, now is a great time to spruce things up. What garden trends does 2020 have in store?

Bright and colourful: 2020’s outdoor colours

Garden trends for 2020 mean bright colours, such as rich yellow. Even the gardening industry is putting a focus on it this year. "With a slight nuance of orange, this yellow has a modern look and is extremely self-

confident," say the trend experts at the world's largest garden trade fair, Spoga+Gafa.

Rich yellow isn’t the only colour coming along to brighten the day, of course. Strong sky blue will also be prominent. However, timeless classics like grey and white will certainly still be in great demand. Combined with rich yellow as a calm contrast, grey can be particularly effective. Should you prefer your garden furniture in the shade, white can also have a calming effect.

Discover new trends live at the Spoga+Gafa trade fair in September. Source: YouTube / spogagafa

Garden trends 2020: An outdoor living room

In staying outside, we take a look at outdoor furniture by bringing the indoors to the open air on the terrace. Modern lounge garden furniture doesn’t just evoke the right ambience, it also adds a touch of cosiness.

With Gloster’s modular seating collection, “Lima”, you can configure it just how you like and enjoy a great level of flexibility. A material mix of polished teak, hardwearing outdoor wickerwork and textiles creates a natural look and fits in perfectly with the outdoors.

garden trends 2020 open air living room

Vertical gardening as a solution for terrace and balcony

Colourful flowers, fragrant herbs and lots of fresh greenery aren’t just for the garden. Outdoor plants are vital for fostering a sense of wellbeing in the open air and that includes balconies. Since many in large cities can only dream of a garden, there are many plants which can be cultivated in a small area. Even if you don’t have the width, you can make use of the height by stacking them several levels on top of one another. This is known as “vertical” gardening.


There are also plenty of clever solutions available for this: shelves, hanging baskets and planting bags can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling. This means making the best use of available space in height, allowing you to create more room for plants in no time. When gardening vertically, you should also take different lighting requirements into account. Sun worshippers prefer to be on the upper levels, and plants preferring shade should be located at a lower level.

A great solution for small areas. Source: YouTube / BuzzFeed Nifty

Harvest success guaranteed: Indoor gardening with smart support

No garden, no balcony? No problem. Kitchen farming is now one of the hottest garden trends of 2020. With sophisticated planting systems, growing herbs, vegetables and fruit in your kitchen is easy. Smart appliances help the growing process independent of seasons or the weather. The best part is that you can still harvest with great success, no gardening skills required.


With indoor gardens such as Rise Gardens or the Plantcube, supplying your plants with light and water is automatic. A single app keeps on eye on the relevant parametres and ensures optimum growing conditions. This means maximum yield with minimum effort. Smart indoor garden will certainly accompany us beyond 2020.

kitchen farming garden trends 2020

NEXT LEVEL garden care: The smart garden

Smart technology is sneaking its way into the garden, too. Undoubtedly, garden trends 2020 include the smart garden, which promises a great deal of comfort and ensures you enjoy your time outdoors to the full. For example, intelligent navigation lets the Indego lawnmower from Bosch calculate the most efficient route across your lawn. While you barbecue in peace and quiet, the automatic lawnmower does its job. Thanks to smart iGrill technology, you won’t have to worry about your food burning, either. The Weber Pulse 2000 will notify you the moment its ready.


With Gira light and energy profiles, you can count on proper orientation in the evening. They can also be equipped with power sockets, making cumbersome extension cables a thing of the past. Lawn mowers, electric barbecues and music systems can all be powered in the middle of the garden. Gira light and energy profiles can also be made smarter when combined with the new Gira motion detector Cube. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, lights come on automatically based on thermal motion and brightness level. This ensures that lighting isn’t inadvertently affected by trees and bushes.

Gira motion detector Cube garden trends 2020

Cosy & comfortable: The new outdoor season promises a lot to enjoy, if garden trends 2020 are anything to go by. Even handier, many of these

can be implement even in smaller spaces. Some even indoors! There’s certainly a lot of potential here.

Which garden trends of 2020 do you find most inspiring? Let us know in the comments!

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