Garden lights for an enchanting outdoor experience

Spring and summer mean more time out on your patio, even long after sunset. Naturally that means you’ll want the right kind of outdoor and garden lights to accompany you. Since everyone has different tastes, we’re excited to present a delectable range of unique garden lights to help you get the most out of those warm evenings.  

Mooon and Balad: Flexible garden lights from Fermob

Mooon from Fermob is a simple yet chic outdoor lamp. Its design was inspired by the streetlamps of the 19th century. Resting on an aluminium

base, the spherical diffuser looks great even as a beautiful outdoor piece. The simple design means it works well with a variety of balcony and patio furniture.

In terms of light, you can choose between a “cold” or “warm” white glow. Fitted with a dimmer function, you can easily adjust the brightness level. Additionally, there are seven different colours that you can switch between. For example, you can choose tones such as restrained nutmeg and strong honey. This lamp really has something for everyone. 
Die Mooon Stehlampe ist eine ideale Begleitung für laue Sommernächte im Garten.
Modern and chic, an ideal companion for long summer nights. Source: Fernmob

Thanks to a handle, Balad can easily be moved around the garden or balcony, wherever you need it. What makes this even easier is that it is

battery operated. For many, there’s plenty of choice in terms of colour versions and different lighting modes. It’s even possible to get a matching stand for this lamp or get a smaller version.

A real eye-catcher for your garden. Source: ikarus2design / Youtube

June by Vibia: Plenty of ideas for garden lighting

Spanish label Vibia offers plenty of exciting design options. Pendant lamps, wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps are all on offer, sharing a minimalist design and a dark brown matt lacquer finish which harmonises beautifully with a natural outdoor environment. Mouth-blown

opal glass beautifully diffuses the light, creating charming and harmonious garden lights which make for a cosy outdoor evening.

This elegant light garland from the June collection will certainly make visitors look twice. It can be attached to a wall or stretched between two trees. Its indirect light creates an atmospheric illumination, the individual lamps reminiscent of crescent moons floating in the night sky.  
Garden lights on the patio
Garden lights June Collection

Gira light and energy profiles for outside: Practical, smart and modern

The timeless look of Gira light and energy profiles isn’t just about style. They’re also designed with practicality in mind, helping guide you through the darkness of your garden by illuminating a safe path. What’s more, these light and energy profiles can be equipped with several power connections. This means you’ve got socket outlets right in the middle of

the garden. With Gira, you can power far more than outdoor lighting: electric grills, music systems or even your lawnmower.

If you want even more smart garden lights, the new Gira motion detector Cube is perfect. Reacting to thermal movement and ambient brightness, it switches the outdoor lights on automatically. No need to worry about energy consumption, either. The Cube won’t be inadvertently activated by trees and bushes that sway in the wind. While it saves energy, it also does a great job of deterring burglars. 
Gira light and energy profiles as garden lights.
Gira motion detector Cube for garden lights

Bolleke: The charming outdoor light from Fatboy

Pleasant, practical, spherical: the Bolleke lamp from Fatboy spreads good vibes before it’s even switched on. Its characteristic feature is a large loop with which you can attach the lamp to trees or balcony railings quickly and easily. It’s this loop that makes the rather simple design of Nathalie Schellekens something to behold. Rather appropriately, the

colour scheme includes restrained tones as well as strong red or yellow.  

With three different light settings, this garden light provides up to 24 hours of illumination. Charging it is done pretty easily with a USB cable. The warm-white LED unit is permanently installed and can’t be replaced. However, it’s got a service life of approximately 50,000 hours. 
Bolleke provides brightness for up to 24 hours. Source: Fatboy / Bolleke

Fisherman and Bottle: Ideas for your garden lights from Zero Lighting

Mattias Ståhlbom has created two design highlights for the Swedish label Zero Lighting. The Fisherman outdoor lamp really is a great catch, nestled cosily within a coarse-meshed fishing net. It certainly makes for a unique decoration, especially if you hang it from a tree in your garden. The handmade net itself comes in white or orange and further colour options are available upon request.   

The shape of the outdoor lamp Bottle is clearly reminiscent of a bulbous bottle. It cuts a fine figure in the grass or on the terrace, both standing and lying down, but thanks to its striking suspension it can also be easily fixed at a height.

As varied as the designs presented may be - all these ideas for your garden lighting have one thing in common: they create a cosy atmosphere and extend every day in the garden well into the evening hours.

Which of our outdoor lights would look good in your garden? Share your favourites and your ideas for garden lights in the comments.

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