Garden lighting ideas: your guide to optimal outdoor lighting

A peaceful retreat and a green living room: this year more than any, people have come to appreciate their own gardens again. With lovingly created flower beds and comfortable furniture, we can create a small outdoor paradise right next to the house. But only well thought-out garden lighting can provide atmosphere at dusk and orientation at night. These tips will help you plan it and put it into practice.

Atmospheric garden lighting for patios and green areas

If you want to really enjoy balmy summer evenings in the garden, atmospheric lighting is indispensable.

On the patio, stylish designer lamps with warm white light create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. Just a few portable, battery-powered outdoor lights can guide the way between the patio, the barbecue and the shed.

One way to make a beautiful impression is with fairy lights. Hung among the trees and bushes, they create magical effects in their interplay with the branches and leaves. But you can also use lanterns or torches to instantly create a cosy ambience in your garden.

Functional & well thought-out: outdoor lighting for driveways and paths

In contrast to mood lighting, functional garden lighting is primarily for orientation and safety. Entrances, paths and steps should be sufficiently well-lit so that details can still be made out at night. It’s best to use colder light colours for this purpose.

A motion detector ensures that your outdoor lighting is only switched on when necessary. The smart Gira Cube motion detector reacts to thermal movement depending on the ambient light. This prevents the light from being accidentally switched on by trees or bushes swaying in the wind and does not consume unnecessary power. At the same time, it acts as an effective burglar deterrent.

The Gira light and energy profile is ideal for illuminating paths. Its light can be focussed at the ground with a slat element, or it can be used to illuminate a wider area of the surroundings.

Gira cube

Electricity in the garden: how to power your outdoor lighting

In addition to its minimalist design, the Gira light and energy profile has a useful extra function. If you want, a number of electrical outlets can be installed. This elegantly solves the problem of where to get the power for lights, an electric barbecue or the lawn mower in the middle of the garden – after all, cable drums and extension leads on the lawn are neither safe nor attractive.

When planning the electrical installation, always remember that the garden must be treated as a wet room. The outdoor lighting and the power supply must be resistant to occasional moisture as well as rain and splashing water. The Gira TX_44 outdoor socket outlet is a robust model that is not only water-protected, but also UV-resistant and impact- and break-proof. On request, the socket outlet is also available in a lockable version so that unwanted access can be easily prevented.

Well-designed outdoor lighting helps you get the best out of your garden and ensure the necessary safety in the dark.

This way you can enjoy your day in the garden deep into the evening during the outdoor season.

Are you also planning your garden lighting? We look forward to your comments.

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