Garden design trends 2021: What to expect this summer

Are you thinking about redesigning your garden in the next few months? Outdoor living and working,

natural gardens and eco-friendly bathing are in demand more than ever this year. Be inspired by the latest trends.

From indoors to outdoors – taking living spaces outside

Whether it's the living room, kitchen or office, more and more people are taking their activities outdoors in the summer. Cosy seating areas, outdoor textiles, lamps and shelving systems such as the new outdoor solution from String create a homely ambience on the patio.

Weatherproof wood, metal, plastic and polyrattan withstand summer downpours. Weatherproof outdoor kitchens such as the modular concrete kitchen from WWOO have long been part of the patio inventory. To let you cook in peace, the kitchen and privacy screen form an integral unit. Matching built-in components such as barbecues and sinks, as well as other accessories are also available.

Modern outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchens are a new garden trend

Smart garden – Gira outdoor solutions provide intelligent convenience

Smart home solutions for the garden have also been gaining in popularity, and not just this year. In addition to handy helpers such as robotic lawn mowers, intelligent watering systems and automated barbecues, Gira outdoor solutions also make everyday life more convenient.

One example is the Gira light and energy profile with integrated power connections. Annoying cable tangles are a thing of the past, and music systems, pond pumps or electric lawn mowers can be conveniently connected. And when the sun goes down, the light profile with its timeless look illuminates the yard, the patio, even the furthest corners of the garden if you want.

smart home outdoor power socket

Cooling off – natural pools, swimming ponds and fountains

Over the last few summers, small pools, swimming ponds with planted banks and natural pools have become increasingly popular – preferably without chemicals. The Living Pond from Biotop, for example, looks like a typical swimming pool, but instead of chlorine, underground biological and phosphate filters ensure clean water.

Sweet treats and kitchen gardens Whether you’re just popping out for a handful of berries or picking a cucumber for lunch, growing fruit and vegetables in your own garden is also becoming increasingly popular. The plants require no chemicals, are full of healthy nutrients and are harvest-fresh. Raised beds, which are available in various materials and shapes, mean gardening no longer has to be back-breaking work.

Natural pools are a new garden trend f0r 2021

A forest in your own garden

Forests provide both adventure and relaxation at the same time. No wonder more and more people are turning their gardens into woodland. Herbs, shrubs and trees grow wild among each other to recreate the forest ecosystem.

All this biodiversity provides a perfect habitat for insects, woodland animals and birds, and protects the soil from drought and erosion. It takes a few years to grow, but after that the forest garden is easy to care for.

A forest in your own garden

Useful, homely and comfortable: this is what the 2021 gardening season looks like if you’re interested in the current garden and outdoor design trends.

All that's missing is the sunshine and a nice refreshing drink for the first balmy summer evenings.

Which of the new garden trends are you most excited about? We look forward to your comments.4

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