A future-proof home: 4 good reasons for connected living

Modern Smart Home applications offer far more than just convenience. They can be a real help in life, assisting in predictive energy management,

protecting against dangers and enabling barrier-free, independent living into old age. Here is an insight into how you can future-proof your home with smart technology.

1. Greeting guests the smart way – with intelligent door intercoms

The Gira door intercoms also provide more convenience and security in everyday life. In addition to a microphone, loudspeakers and a door opener, an integrated camera can make door communication much easier.

Systems with a video function such as the Gira surface-mounted video home station 7 transmit their images to a high-resolution display inside, so that you can immediately see who is at the door. If you’re not at home, you can even let your visitors in using the Gira TKS mobile app to open the door remotely.

Video door intercom is a good protection against buglars.

2. Motion detectors and sensors for building automation

Automated lighting control not only helps you find your way in the dark, but can also deter burglars and thus offer additional protection.

The Gira motion detectors for indoors and outdoors provide light exactly where you need it. Depending on the ambient brightness, the lighting switches on automatically as soon as the sensors detect movement. This is not only practical, but also saves energy and money.

Gira motion detector Cube for garden lights

3. Smart household appliances give you more free time

Smart household appliances can also take care of many tasks for you and so make everyday life easier. Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly common, and some now have an integrated mopping function to keep the floor clean.

You can now operate and keep an eye on networked washing machines, dryers and dishwashers conveniently using an app, even when you're not at home. These smart helpers are getting better with each generation and will make our everyday lives even more efficient in the future.

Smart household appliances give you more free time. Source: iRobot / YouTube

4. Connected living helps save money and energy

In our everyday lives, we often consume an unnecessary amount of energy. Connected living can help minimise this in a variety of ways and conveniently save energy and electricity.

Intelligent central control units such as the Gira HomeServer collect the consumption values of the connected domestic systems, which are clearly displayed on central operating devices such as the Gira G1 or your smartphone. With a single command, you can switch off entire groups of devices or even disconnect them completely from the mains before leaving the house.

Gira G1

Whether you live in a new or old building, an apartment or a house, or you own it or rent it

– intelligent home technology makes every home fit for the future, increasing comfort, safety and energy efficiency within your four walls.

How do you make sure your home is future-proof? Tell us the solutions for connected living that you are planning or have already implemented.

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