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This is what future offices will look like

Most people spend a large part of their waking hours at work, sometimes more than at home. It’s therefore of course especially important that workspaces are set up according to people’s needs – this way, their time is not only spent as efficiently as possible, but as pleasantly as possible too. Ideal working conditions don’t only raise productivity, they’re also essential to staying healthy. That is one of the reasons many employers have already furnished their offices ergonomically. And with continuous technological progress, more and more smart office-furnishing options enter the market.

The office of the future has smart desks

Besides the office chair, it’s safe to assume that the desk is the most important item of furniture in an office.  

It is the centre of your workspace. So why not smarten it up? Tabula Sense is a desk with a huge range of functions and conveniences, which its manufacturers describe as the new generation of user-specific furniture. The desk combines modern design with the latest technology. A number of gadgets are built into the desk, that are set to bringing an end to the usual mess of too many cables. These include integrated Bluetooth speakers, a surface for wireless smartphone charging, and an inductive cup-warmer. The desktop has a high-quality oiled wood veneer and is both water- and dirt-repellent. The edges feature integrated USB ports and anodised aluminium edge protection. 

The many functions of the smart desk

Source: Tabula Sense / YouTube

Healthy office furniture

The Weinheim-based company Kesseböhmer is a specialist in ergonomic workspaces. The office furniture manufacturer recently presented a whole smart office – desk, chair and lighting tailored to produce perfect ergonomics – at the supplier trade show Interzum. The importance of lighting for everyday work is often underestimated by those of us who don’t need daylight lamps for sketching and drawing. But light affects our mood and our wellbeing. Just as the wrong lighting can make you ill, proper lighting will have a positive impact on your health. The lamp developed by Kesseböhmer ensures that the desktop is illuminated at a constantly uniform and ideal brightness of 800 lux. The light itself has a colour temperature to match natural daylight and changes as the day goes by.

There’s also a smartphone app for users to adjust the lighting to suit their needs.

A chair for extra dynamics

Working in an office involves a lot of sitting. But as much as we may try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, sitting correctly is rarely something we think about. The unusual office chair HÅG Capisco tackles this problem. Although not smart in a technological sense, its design is so intelligent that it encourages a healthy, upright posture all by itself and motivates you to constantly change position. This dynamic sitting keeps you fit, alert and active – and perfectly suits agile working. Developed all of thirty years ago by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, the chair captures the spirit of our times. And Capisco is quite a looker, too. It is available in a wide range of colours, contrasts, surfaces and materials.

Healthy office furniture with a modern look

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Even mirrors can be intelligent and suitable pieces of smart office furniture. The smart mirror, for example, has an integrated voice assistant, can supply weather forecasts and open news feeds – and all this via spoken command. Although the mirror can also be operated using its touch function, voice control prevents fingerprints on the surface and saves valuable time.. 

Of course, the intelligent mirror is not only a useful innovation for the office, but can also be put to smart use at home. You could use it to check your first emails before work when brushing your teeth, for example, or it could show you how to tie the perfect Double Windsor.  

The smart mirror

Source: Duo Al/YouTube

How smart is your office? Do you already use intelligent technology in your workspace?

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