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Furniture trends 2020 : A look ahead

Home trends for 2020 have started to emerge at design fairs and industry events this autumn and winter – and whatever your style and taste, there’s sure to be an interior trend that you can run with next year. As well as a revival of extravagant art déco styling, the more understated Viennese mesh is set to make a comeback. The furniture trends of 2020 are also inspired by nature, creating an air of peace and calm in your home.

Worldly elegance: Art déco is a top furniture trend for 2020

With a combination of luxurious materials, elegant shapes and a copious amount of decoration, art déco is an extraordinary and eye-catching interior style. And the fact that this extravagant style is set to enjoy a revival in 2020 – one hundred years after its original heyday in the 1920s – makes it all the more special

As was the case in the roaring twenties, the style is an expression of finding joy in the everyday pleasures while seeking to add a touch of decadence to life. The exclusivity of the materials continues to play an important role: Marble, fine woods, velvet and unusual leathers are very much in demand, complemented by gold and chrome elements.

Want to bring some art déco glamour to your home? Look out for restored original pieces, including classic designs such as the H-269 armchair by Jindřich Halabala. With its unmistakeable curved armrests, this piece is sure to take centre-stage in your 2020 living room. The modern déco trend is also putting a contemporary spin on this century-old style, with feminine designs and rounded shapes in deep and modern colours.

view on a living room with art deco interior
view on two chairs in the art deco interior design trend of the twenties, the h269 armchair by czech designer Jindřich Halabala
view on the living room with art deco interior

Stylish charm: Viennese mesh makes a comeback for 2020

The Viennese mesh trend is another historic design trend that is set to make a comeback next year. Unlike the extravagant art déco style, this traditional honeycomb weave is the epitome of subtle and understated – yet its minimalist and elegant aesthetic is guaranteed to catch the eye. Viennese mesh is a delicate and elegant woven pattern created from thin rattan strips. Lightweight rattan is the perfect fit for the modernday interior. Robust, stable and sustainable, it’s no wonder that Viennese mesh is becoming an absolute must-have for 2020.

Alongside timeless classics such as the famous “Coffee House Chair” by Michael Thonet, modern designs are popping up in brand-new collections too, putting a fresh spin on the traditional craft. A design creation by Mathieu Gustafsson perfectly embodies the advantages of the woven pattern: His “Air” sideboard relies on Viennese mesh to create a light and airy look, so that the piece looks good not only against a wall, but even in the middle of the room. We are absolutely in love with this piece.

Air sideboard with chair room divider

Furniture with curves: Organic shapes are a 2020 interior trend

Soft, rounded edges, flowing shapes and curves will be everywhere in 2020. Organic designs are one of next year’s top furniture trends: These creations exude calm and peace and help to create balance in the room. The organic design language is reminiscent of mid-century design, adding a touch of retro charm to your interior.

Even in the most modern of rooms, the soft and gentle curves will harmoniously blend into your interior.

The organic designs are inspired by natural shapes and are particularly effective in upholstered furniture. As they adapt to the contours of the body, curves are both comfortable and stylish. The Rico range by Ferm Living uses organic shapes in its armchair and sofa: The voluptuous upholstery embraces you as you sit down for unrivalled comfort.

So, with art déco, Viennese mesh and organic shapes on the table, none of the trends that are set to take over our interiors in 2020 are brand new – but

today’s designers have reinterpreted these concepts for the modern interior to create a completely unique look.

Which of the 2020 furniture trends is the best fit for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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