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From wet room to wellness oasis

The bathroom is evolving from a wet room to a wellness oasis

In the 1950s, the bathroom was still referred to as a “wet room”, and very few people could afford one – as certain conditions had to be met to enjoy this kind of luxury. One of these conditions was a separate, heatable room, which had access to running water and a connection to the domestic drainage system. And this was how a room entirely devoted to personal hygiene was created. The concept of bathroom is now evolving as walls are being torn down, living spaces are blending, and areas redefined.
When it comes to reorganizing space, there is always one aspect that’s of prime importance: a fabulous feel-good factor which guarantees a pleasant feeling at home – the bathroom is no exception. During the planning process, the space dedicated to bathrooms has become more generous, reflecting the increase quality time spent in that area in recent years.The focus has shifted from personal hygiene to personal well-being, and body care is resembling a ceremony that serves to compensate for our stressful everyday lives.

The wellness oasis

Plants, wood and decorative home accessories add a touch of warmth to your bathroom. Source: burgbad

Reorganizing bathroom furnishings opens up new opportunities

Bathroom trends are moving away from white tiled walls. Materials such as wood, glass, or metal are being used instead. Innovative technology is even enabling the use of wallpaper in the bathroom. What’s more, bathroom furnishings are no longer arranged against the walls; all the space available in the room is being optimized. The bath tub, for example, is positioned in the centre of the room, surrounded by comfy seating. The seating, in turn, features a washbasin at its rear, where the whole family can share the morning ritual together.

Modern solutions for more convenience

The manufacturers of bathroom fittings and furniture are now designing products that are custom-made, transforming a simple bathroom into a personal spa area. Individual home accessories such as flowers, framed pictures, cushions, or even an entertainment centre are being integrated to add a cosy touch to what would otherwise be an awfully bare room. However, the trend evolution also pays a tribute to the past. Washbasins, for instance, are being integrated back in the bedroom – so it’s almost as if we’re taking a trip down the memory lane.

The bathroom – a new feel-good heaven

Smart technology in the modern living bathroom

A modern bathroom is characterised by the technology it showcases, which is becoming increasingly inconspicuous. Classic fittings, heaters, socket outlets, and other elements are disappearing behind modern furniture or being replaced by high-tech systems. The shower is operated at the touch of a finger, and at the washbasin, the water appears to run from the tap by itself thanks to sensor technology.

Five tips for a cosy bathroom

1. You don’t always have to opt for tiles: Use natural materials to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom. Wood in particular is perfect for creating a comfy atmosphere. 2. Add plenty of greenery to your bathroom: Many plants can flourish with little light and moisture, giving a bland room a natural and vibrant look.
3. Give your bathroom an inviting touch with home accessories: Cushions, waterproof carpets or wall art can create an intimate atmosphere in the bathroom. 4. Use furniture to express your individuality: Their functionality means that typical floor units are an integral and indispensable part of our bathrooms. But if you favour a homely atmosphere, you can use small pieces of furniture to turn a purely functional room into a feel-good heaven. 5.  Use light to create an ambience: You can use floor lamps to purposefully make a warm statement and give your bathroom an instant inviting touch.

How do you like the trend towards wellness bathroom? Tell us how you have moved decorative and home accessories into your wet room to create the perfect mood.

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