Upcycling is all the rage right now. Desks made from leaf doors, chests of drawers made from washing drums, and wardrobes made from empty containers. When it comes to turning used materials into new treasures, there are no limits to the designers’ creativity. Upcycled furniture is basically the supreme discipline of Green Design, the sustainability trend. In recent years, production and processing methods have changed significantly – and it shows. The days of the boring “eco image” are over. Boasting a high level of workmanship, the decorative original pieces and revitalised antiques perfectly capture the contemporary Zeitgeist.

It’s all about ideas: giving old treasures a new sparkle

Around seven million tonnes of furniture is thrown out every year in Germany alone. Almost 90% of it ends up in waste incineration plants. Designers from the Italian company Manoteca, for example, are showing how this old furniture can be turned into something completely new. Worn-out chests, doors or tables are just a few examples of what the designers use as a basis for their new gems. A two-part leaf door is thus transformed into an adjustable workstation that can be converted into a dining table. Old wardrobes are turned into rustic, mirrored dressing tables, while worn-out tricycles reveal their retro charm as mobile libraries.