Interior innovation: how folding stairs clear up living spaces

Living space is tight in urban areas around the world, and larger cities in particular are bursting at the seams. In spite of this widely recognised fact, people are still flocking to build a life in the city – and there are no signs of the urban living trend slowing down, even though affordable living space is in short supply. The issue is twofold: On the one hand, there are not enough apartments to house all of the people who want to live in the city, and on the other, the living space available inside our own four walls is increasingly falling short of meeting our needs.

Flexible and space-saving: Klapster folding stairs

The creative industries are increasingly turning their attention to the space shortage, creating a new urban building culture to come up with clever solutions for our evolving city-based lifestyles.

Many of these brilliant new solutions fall under the concept of micro living, which aims to create spaces that are multifunctional and space-saving – without compromising on style. In apartments with multiple levels, staircases can be a real problem: A standard staircase takes up between five and fifteen square metres of space.

Up to now, there were few solutions for dealing with this issue; after all, stairs are an essential part of any interior space with more than one storey. But now, German-based collective raumvonwert has come up with a way to simply move stairs to the side when they aren’t needed.

The “Klapster” folding stairs feature an innovative mechanism that enables them to be folded flat against the wall when not in use.

a woman is folding the stairs of klapster
a view on folding stairs of klapster
a view on folding stairs straight at the wall in black

Fast to fold out – and even faster to fold up

The modular design of the folding stairs enables customers to create a stair configuration, gradient and length that suits their needs. The stairs are quick and easy to install, and it’s just as simple to dismantle and remove them for transportation to start again in another location. Each step locks into a side panel at both ends, and can be swivelled by 90 degrees using the integrated rotational axes. With just one smooth action and virtually no need to apply force, the stairs can be unfolded from the wall – or folded back again – in just a few seconds.

Subtle or statement: Folding stairs as a design object

When in their folded position, the components rest flat against the wall; at just three centimetres thick, they are less intrusive than many standard picture frames. Customers can also opt to have recesses made in the wall for a fully flat finish when the stairs are folded away.

The minimalist design can be customised to suit your room and style. You can opt for a colour that matches your wall so that the stairs become virtually invisible when folded, or you can choose to turn them into a design statement with brightly coloured treads, printed graphics or even a graffiti pattern to create a personalised design object on your wall when the stairs are not in use. Prepare for guests to be amazed when you show them that there’s more to your new piece of “art” than meets the eye!

Klapster folding stairs in action. Source: Klapster / YouTube

From mezzanine bedrooms to tiny houses – folding stairs are a versatile space-saving solution

Klapster is a great solution for any home in which space is tight, or where a permanent staircase would have an impact on the overall look and feel of a room. Folding stairs provide safe and easy access to a mezzanine level or the attic and are perfect for tiny houses which – as the name suggests – are rather short on space.

While bunk bed ladders are usually associated with children’s rooms or student accommodation, folding stairs allow you to use your newly accessible space as a fully fledged bedroom. They’re easy to install, customisable and versatile, but this design’s USP is undoubtedly its best feature: With just one simple action, these stairs can quite literally be folded up out of the way. With living space in short supply, Klapster is an invention that is sure to impress many city dwellers.

Does the idea of using folding stairs to save space sound appealing? Share your ideas in the comments!

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Kevv Wright 23.06.2020  |  16:35


i am looking at buying a house with a garage that has a large storage area in the roof space.

There is currently no stairs but these look ideal.

do you supply and deliver to the UK?

many thanks

Kevv Wright

G-Pulse Editorial Team 02.07.2020  |  9:57

Dear Kevv,
Please visit the Klapster website linked. You can directly send your inquiry for your personalised folding stairs which will be delivered to UK!
Best wishes,
G-Pulse Editorial Team


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Karen Hollies 03.05.2020  |  23:36


How can I order a folding diary case? 



G-Pulse Editorial Team 06.05.2020  |  13:42

Hi Karen,
Thanks for asking – we’re assuming you meant folding stair case? If you’d like to order the Klapster stair case, you can visit the Klapster website linked and see instructions to order it there.
Hope that helps!
Best regards,
G-Pulse Editorial Team


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