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Cute & Cosy: Five pieces of designer furniture that add warmth to your living room

The fast-paced madness of today’s world often means we’re even more in need of a personal comfort zone to retreat to. Subtle colours, warm light and decorative textiles are essential for promoting a homely setting,

adding a sense of security and peace to your abode. Matching furniture of course, is a part of that. We’re therefore excited to present five unique pieces of fluffy furniture that will level up your home’s cosiness factor.

1. The Tired Man: Not just for tired men

fluffy furniture the tired man
fluffy furniture The Tired Man suite
Fluffy furniture from lassen

The IMM Cologne 2020 furniture fair saw numerous interior design brands set their focus for cosiness. One of them is the Scandinavian, family-run company Lassen which has reissued its design classic The Tired Man. The iconic, oversized armchair dates back to 1935 and was conceived by Flemming Lassen. Even then, it was an inspiration with its opulent dimensions and curves. If you sink down onto the lambskin

upholstery between voluminous armrests may mean you won’t want to get up again. Last year, “The Tired Man” was even the proud winner of the German Design Award. A newer addition of this lounge chair by Lassen now combines its time design with a whole selection of new colours, numerous textiles and even a comfy footrest.

2. Pacha Lounge Chair: Relax, on the floor

Cosy charm in any ambience. Source: Vimeo / GUBI

Had the Lagom trend been around in 1975, this legless chair would’ve been the pinnacle of homely interior style. The Pacha Chair by Gubi finds a perfect balance between down-to-earth cosiness and an elegant lounge character. French designer Pierre Paulin wanted to replace the austerity

of post-war design with a newer, more organic approach. The result? A piece of furniture that’s not only functional, but also decorative with its ability to set a cosy ambience. Available in various colours and patterns, this lounge armchair looks good almost anywhere.

3. Little Petra: Delicate armchair with a “cuddle factor”

Little Petra fluffy furniture
Fluffy furniture seats Little Petra

Little Petra already enchanted the public at a furniture fair in Copenhagen way back in 1938. The cult armchair is one of the few furniture creations of the Danish architect Viggo Boesen, who named the compact seating furniture after his mother-in-law. Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Danish label &Tradition released a newer edition with slender legs in oak or

walnut wood. A fluffy sheepskin as upholstery fabric makes it extra cuddly. With petite dimensions, Little Petra exudes extra cosiness in every living room. Even so, it still looks good as a lounge chair in a lobby or even as a piece of occasional furniture in the bedroom.

4. Cipria: The iconic “exotic” for a cosy home

Piano and fluffy furniture
Black fluffy furniture
Fluffy furniture red background

Nine cushions resembling powder puffs, all supported by an invisible metal frame and four feet: Cipria was conceived by Brazilian artists Fernando and Humberto Campana. In wanting to create a “somewhat different armchair”, they produced an excellent addition to a cosy living

room. Filled with a special foam and synthetic Dacron wadding, the cover is made from synthetic fur and comes in different fibre lengths. The Italian brand Edra presented this handmade piece of seating furniture at the Salone del Mobile 2009, and even showed off further variations and unusual colour combinations for upholstered cushions.

5. Pulpo Wham & Pow: Fluffy duo for a cuddly home

Fluffy furniture glass shelves
White fluffy furniture glass table

German label Pulpo was at the Cologne Furniture Fair this year, presenting a fluffy version of its well-known 2017 furniture series: the Armchair Pow and the slightly larger-proportioned Wham model in a robe of faux fur are simply invitations to come and cuddle up.

Both of these armchairs are part of a four-piece collection: “Kaboom + oooh + pw + wham” from German designer Hermann August

Weizenegger. Soft, velvet covers in numerous colours are also available for foam upholstery, adding a touch of elegance to the armchair’s character.

Cosy trends like hygge and Lagom have lost none of their appeal in 2020. With the right interior, you can lean back and relax while enjoying a little break from everyday life.

What helps you feel that “cosy” factor in your living room? What piece of furniture could you simply not live without? Let us know in the comments!

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