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Five smart sleep gadgets for a good night’s sleep

With our everyday lives being so hectic, healthy sleep has become increasingly more important. The world of technology has brought about several innovations for a good night’s sleep – moving far beyond your alarm’s snooze function. Smart sleep is a trending topic for 2018 and from what could be seen at the imm cologne and CES in Las Vegas, it is also a central focus for the Smart Home sector.

Dreamlight: Dreamlight: The sleep mask with a light and audio system

Often you cannot just simply turn off your thoughts like you do with your lights.

But with the smart sleeping mask by Dreamlight, there’s no need to count sheep anymore. While falling asleep, LED lights that lie close to the eyes stimulate the production of melatonin and regulate your day-night cycle. The integrated speakers play relaxing nature sounds, or, if preferred, a playlist from your smartphone. During the night, various sensors collect data on your sleep quality, which cannot only be analysed but also optimised using the corresponding app. A six-day plan can, for example, help you to get over jetlag. The smart sleeping gadget was first presented at the CES 2018, and it can be crowdfunded through Indiegogo.

Source: Gadget News & Review/ YouTube

Balluga: The interactive bed

The smart bed by Balluga doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to creating the optimal conditions for a healthy sleep. The air pressure of its foam mattress can be regulated via the app. An integrated ventilation system can, based on your preferences, direct warm or cool air through the mattress.

During the night, the sleeping system captures, amongst others, your heart rate, movements, as well as body temperature, and analyses your sleeping habits.Besides the massage function, the smart bed also comes with an anti-snore-solution. Up until now, the crowdfunding campaign of Balluga has, however, not found enough support. If the mattress was to become available in the future, it would cost approx. 1,050 Euros.

Source: Balluga/ YouTube

Smart Nora: Healthy sleep thanks to the snore-stopper

For those that have their peace a quite disturbed nightly by loud snoring, there is now a solution. The intelligent air pillow, Smart Nora, aims to ensure a restful night for both the snorer and the people that they keep awake. As soon as the sound sensor on the night stand registers any snoring, the Nora inaudibly blows air into the pillow insert. This way, the position of the snorers’ head is slightly changed, the throat muscles are triggered, and the disturbing sound dies down. The best news is: the smart sleep solution can be adjusted to any pillow size and is effective whether you sleep on your stomach or your side. It is available for approx. 270 Euros.

Manage your sleep with Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep also helps you to systematically work towards healthy sleep. The sensory sleeping pad collects various vital signs, like your heart rate, and sleeping phases. Over Wi-Fi, the sleeping gadget automatically synchronizes with your smartphone, and calculates a sleep index on your Health Mate app. This way, you receive daily information on the quality of your sleep. The sleep gadget of the Nokia Health series has been available since April 2018.


SleepLine Sensor: The contactless sleep laboratory

Are you still tossing and turning? You might find out why with the SleepLine sleep sensor by Beurer under your mattress. Without any personal contact, the sleep gadget captures movement, heart and breathing rate, and recognizes sleeping phases. Using Bluetooth, the values are sent to your smartphone and recorded in a sleeping diary via the SleepExpert app, which is available from the Apple and Google Play Store.

Based on the values, the app gives you personalized tips to improve your sleep. The sensor is available for approx. 120 Euros from various online stores.

With these smart helpers, there is no longer a reason to start your day exhausted. Whether or not the sleep gadgets are a dream come true, you can only find out by trying them. In any case, we wish you a relaxed and good night – with or without sleep gadgets.

How do you get a good night’s sleep? Share your tips with us. We are looking forward to receiving your comments!

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