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Five smart Christmas gift ideas for digitally savvy loved ones

Does the same thing happen to you every year, too? You spend ages looking for that special gift for your loved ones, then end up grabbing something at the last minute – sometimes something pretty run-of-the-mill? Worry no more: This year, things will be different.
We have collected five exclusive gifts for you that are guaranteed to put a smile on the receivers’ faces.

For audio fans who love flexibility

1. Libratone Zipp – 360° sound from the high-end cone

With mini speaker systems for mobiles, tablets, and so on, this smart gift idea will get everyone in a great mood any time, wherever they are. Zipp speakers are made by a Danish company, which began as a start-up in 2009 with a vision of usefully combining design and audio technology. Since then, Libratone has been producing high-quality audio accessories.
Unfortunately, with some speakers, as the size decreases, so does the sound quality. This isn’t the case with the Libratone Zipp 360° audio system. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, the all-around speakers are compatible with most devices. The fabric cover can be changed within seconds, thanks to its zip fastener. And with 10 hours of battery time, your Zipp can accompany you on even the longest of days out.

Tile – for the scatterbrained among us

2. Tile – at last you can find those lost car keys!

The family is getting ready to go out. Your partner is looking for their wallet, while you’re searching for the car key. A scenario that plays itself out time and time again – and definitely not only during the holidays. An unobtrusive little gadget could come to your help here: “Practicality. Squared.” – a brief but accurate summary of this gift idea. The small device from Tile comes in a variety of designs, including as a tag for keys, bags, suitcases, etc., or in a super-slim version for purses and wallets. The device is linked to your mobile via Bluetooth.

If you have left an object lying around somewhere nearby, you can trigger a ringtone in the device via your mobile phone. What’s more, this also works the other way around. So, you can make your phone ring by simply pressing a Tile – even if it’s on silent. You can also find objects equipped with Tiles using Google Maps, for example, in combination with GPS. One difference between Tiles and other trackers is the Tile community. Here’s an example: If a Tile user discovers an object with a Tile, marking it as ‘lost’, the app will send an anonymous signal with the location details of the found object. At present, the community has half a million members worldwide.

Music out of the wall – for all Smart Home fans

3. Gira flush-mounted radio – you can’t see it, but you can hear this smart gift idea

One of the best feelings for a music lover, without a doubt, is that moment when you take a new vinyl record out of its sleeve and put the needle on the disc. But nobody does that when they’re just spending 30 minutes in the kitchen or the bathroom, or giving the living room a quick clean.
Click, radio on, and your favourite station starts playing. With the Gira flush-mounted RDS radio, the speakers and control unit are recessed into the wall. The speakers can be mounted up to 20 metres apart. You can couple your use of the radio with other functions, e.g. light on = radio on. Now that’s a smart gift idea.

For heavy users of technology with a soft spot for minimalism

4. Logitech Harmony – a universal remote control

Look at your coffee table. How many remote controls do you have on it right now? Maybe sorted by size: controls for the TV, Blu-Ray player, receiver, music system, and for the LED lighting, blinds, and heating as well? The Harmony multi-function remote control from Logitech will end your remote control chaos once and for all – the perfect gift idea for those of us who use a lot of technology. The Logitech Harmony can detect 270,000 devices from major and minor suppliers. This means that you can control your heating just as easily as the Blu-Ray player.
The device also comes with the Harmony app, which you can use to turn your smartphone into an additional Harmony remote.Another advantage of the Logitech Harmony is that it gives you the option of programming in scenes, which can then be triggered at the push of a button. Example: Your family arrives back home as the evening is drawing in on Christmas Eve. You select “Christmas” on the remote control. The music system and Christmas lights turn on simultaneously, while the heating goes up and the blinds come down.

For body-conscious people who want to be in control

5. Body Cardio – get to the heart of your matter

The holidays are an indulgence-fest, no doubt. And although a set of scales doesn’t seem to be an ideal present at first, this model will win you over with technology that does considerably more than simply tell you your weight. Body Cardio measures your pulse and also shows how water, fat, muscle mass and bone mass are distributed in your body.

Its pulse measurement also shows you the condition of your arteries. Thanks to a handy app, your BMI and other important values will be displayed on your screen immediately. This way, any lifestyle changes will be apparent very quickly. Your motivation to work on your health might increase and maybe it will present you with a New Year’s resolution!

The G-Pulse team wishes you a joyous festive season!

We hope that one of our gift ideas was just right for you. In your opinion, what is the one thing that has to lie under the Christmas tree? We look forward to receiving your comments.

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