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How to find the right interior doors to match your style

Interior doors are an integral part of the interior design and, much like stairs, have a significant impact on the style of your home. They should therefore be chosen carefully according to personal needs, preferences and tastes. Unlike some home accessories, modern interior doors are a permanent stylistic element in your home and should satisfy your design needs for years to come.

Modern interior doors complete your interior design

Keep in mind that interior doors not only close off rooms, they also connect them. Therefore, their features should also match the surrounding rooms:

And when choosing interior doors that connect frequently used rooms, such as living rooms and kitchens, it makes a lot of sense to consider adding thermal insulation.

Bathroom doors should have a complete seal for better moisture absorption, while soundproofing is recommended for bedroom doors. Before focusing on the aesthetics of a modern interior door, we recommend you carefully think about the function that you want your door to fulfil.

Sliding door or hinged door?

In living rooms, sliding doors are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventional hinged doors. Designer sliding doors are not only real eye-catchers, they also save a lot of space. Unlike hinged doors, they do not require extra space for the door arc. Sliding glass doors are especially recommended for living areas because they give a sense of demarcation as well as coherence while bringing the room together and letting in a lot of light.

If you prefer hinged doors to sliding doors, we recommend those with glazed panels – that way you still let lots of daylight in.

White interior doors: Timeless and elegant

Conventional hinged doors come in many styles. You can generally distinguish between solid wood and composite wood doors. Solid wood doors offer natural heat and sound insulation, but warp much more easily with temperature fluctuations than composite wood doors.

In addition to this basic distinction between solid wood and wood-composite panels, modern interior doors are further subdivided into smooth and panel doors, which differ considerably in terms of design. White interior doors are and remain the classic choice for modern homes. Thanks to their neutral colour, they can be easily integrated into many interior styles and eliminate the problem of choosing a matching floor covering.

Finding the right door

If you are trying to find the right interior doors, Grauthoff may be the company to contact. The company is a member of the "IDEENRÄUME" network, an alliance of different companies covering all areas of planning, construction and interior decorating – Gira is of course part of this network as well. The specialist for interior doors offers a wide range of decorative doors, glossy glass doors and HGM genuine wood and painted doors.

No matter which modern interior doors you choose, one thing is certain: interior doors are much more than just room dividers, they can give a living space a whole new ambience.

Which modern interior doors are your favourite? Conventional white interior doors or unique, eye-catching designer doors? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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