How to have a festive and comfy Christmas at home during lockdown

It seems likely that people are going to spend Christmas indoors due to lockdown measures. So, while it might not be the big family affair that you’re used to, celebrating with your immediate family members and close friends (depending on the lockdown regulations in your country and area) can still be lots of fun. If you’re hosting friends and family for Christmas this year, you might be wondering how to make it a safe yet sparkling celebration. We share some tips with you, from Christmas lighting ideas to fun activities, to help you have safe holidays you will love.

Start with decluttering

Making space lets you prepare for guests at home, especially during this time when keeping everyone far apart is important. So, begin with decluttering your home and setting furniture pieces smartly. This means having individual, separate chairs or sofas to help your guests stay cosy while maintaining an appropriate distance. Add throws and blankets made of velvet, wool and fur on sofas and chairs for a comfy, luxe feel.

Same goes for your dinner spread. Clear surfaces to give your guests as much space as possible. If you have a buffet, try placing dishes far apart so that your guests don’t come in close contact with each other while helping themselves. Ask your guests to avoid sharing cutlery and food from the same plate. We know that it’s not the ideal cosy feel of Christmas that we are used to, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Illuminate with Christmas lighting ideas

This year has been stressful for many of us, given the Covid restrictions and fear of the pandemic. Christmas is the right time to enjoy some festive cheer, and what better way than making your home sparkle with some clever Christmas lighting ideas. Start decorating your home for Christmas with basic fairylights or stringlights. You can make charming fairylight jars and place them on your dining table. Add fairylights to your tree or mantelpiece to add a touch of whimsy to your indoors. You can also wrap them around your pillars or stair banisters to create a festive glow across all rooms.

For a more sparkly and contemporary look, consider adding festoon lights over your dining or serving table. Lighted Christmas silhouettes combine decorations and lights in one go and are one of the most crafty Christmas lighting ideas. You can either buy them from the market or engage your kids in making Christmas-figure creations at home to keep them busy while you plan your Christmas party. Find more fun Christmas activities for kids below.

Smart lighting systems are a simple and cost-effective way to illuminate home during the holidays and control them via wireless lighting control. As the first step towards a truly Smart Home, smart lighting can easily be added to your property without any complex or invasive building work.

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Get the kids involved

Kids might feel a bit disorientated this year anyhow because of the Covid restrictions this year – and maybe even more so if you plan on putting together an unconventional family event. To make sure they too can get into a cheery Christmas mood, involve them in making homemade decorations, like fireside ornaments, wreaths or lighting silhouettes as mentioned above. Simple, fun activities, like decorate your own fir or decorate a cookie, can go a long way in engaging kids and stop them from milling about while you prepare for your get-together.

If you have kids on your guest list, involve them and other adults in family Christmas games. One of such games is Ring the Reindeer Antlers in which you place antlers on your head and then people take turns to try and get the four rings on the antlers. You can also use this time to interact with the friends and family members that couldn’t make to your get-together because of travel restrictions. Use your phone or tablet to have a video call with them or install a projector for a virtual get-together. Such interactive activities will keep your kids engaged.

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Work on your focal point

The Christmas tree is usually the focal point for the holiday décor. Make sure it stands out and makes a statement. There is no dearth of ideas on how to decorate your Christmas tree to evoke the cheer and warmth of the season. You can either go for a bold colour scheme, for example, an all-pink or rainbow-inspired tree, or you can stick to the classic colours of Christmas, like golden or red. Add fairylights to your tree to give the whole space a warm look and ambient glow. Decorate it with a topper of your choice to add the finishing touch.

If you wish to shake things up a bit, you can keep your Christmas tree on the side and make your fireplace your focal point instead. If you don’t have a real fireplace, you can always decide on getting an adorable faux fire pit.

This usually runs on electricity with some smaller versions also working with batteries, and are perfect for not only emitting heat but also pleasant light. Having a well-heated room these days is all the more crucial – as you would have to open windows time and again to let the fresh air in as recommended by healthcare professionals. To automatically keep your home cosy on cold winter days, set your intelligent temperature controller.

Alternatively, you can make your dining or serving table your focal point. A beautiful setting for feasting with the family will catch everyone’s attention at once. Decorate your table with a colourful runner and round it up with a charming setting, full of flowers, foliage, tealights in jars and fake candles.

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Put together the perfect Christmas playlist

Having a fabulous Christmas soundtrack play in the background will add to the magical atmosphere in your home. There’s nothing like a jolly tune to set the mood while you deck the halls, decorate the Christmas tree or actually host your guests. With the help of the Gira HomeServer, you can manage your complete KNX building technology, and also your phone, tablet or TV to play your desired Christmas soundtrack.

You can never go wrong with classics, such as White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bell Rock, All I Want for Christmas is You, Last Christmas, Mistletoe or I’ll be Home for Christmas, among hundreds of other holiday staples. Don’t forget famous Christmas carols, like O Holy Night, Joy to the World, Silent Night or The Three Kings, for really getting into the festive spirit.

Maybe even ask your guests to add in their favourite tunes into your Spotify or Apple Music playlist. For a free version, you can also access a Christmas playlist on YouTube or the free version of Spotify – both of which play ads after a few minutes or songs. You can also print their lyrics and hand them over to guests so that they can sing along – another fun Christmas activity with everyone.

No matter how small your Christmas gathering will be this time, you can still make this festive season cheery and magical. Follow our above Christmas lighting ideas, decorating tips and family bonding tricks while adhering to the lockdown regulations in your area to have a wonderful Christmas.


How do you plan to make your Christmas magical? Let us know in the comments section below.

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