From bamboo to concrete: Setting the scene with your garden fence

Barbecues on a summer evening, leaf collecting in autumn, snowball fights and spring blossoms – everyone enjoys spending time in the garden. But no matter how many beautiful plants and ornaments you have, your garden fence is what tops it all off as a real oasis of wellbeing. When it comes to choosing your fence… Which one would work best? Take a look at our ideas and see!

1. Gabions as a style element in the garden

Gabions are very much in vogue, too. This may be thanks to their durability, making them as easy to maintain as a concrete wall.

These thin metal constructions filled with stones are also particularly inspiring to those who love modern garden design, and can be real eye-catchers. What’s more, like concrete they can help to ease the din of the outside streets. Filling them with natural stones that have contrasting colours and shapes also helps to make each gabion unique.


Smart home with gabions fence

2. Modern garden fence design with concrete

Concrete fences are durable and robust. Such constructions are quite complicated to build, but they last forever. Concrete is particularly suitable if you want to drown out unwanted noises. It’s even useful against particularly strong winds. What’s more, you can paint it! From giving it an urban flair with tasteful graffiti to Mediterranean-style terracotta: concrete is very much like a blank slate when it comes to your garden design. You could also just paint it plain white as a purist statement of modern elegance.


3. Bamboo: A warm, tropical feeling

A little slice of the Caribbean: using bamboo mats is a simple, inexpensive way to give your wire mesh fence a privacy screen. They’re already a garden classic and they bring a warm, tropical feel to any space. These mats are easy to assemble and easy to transport. If you’re looking for low-maintenance visual protection, bamboo is the choice for you.

Garten im Quadrat fence ideas

4. What about glass?

Glass adds a very unique touch to your garden, as well as defines boundaries and keeps the wind out. You can also use frosted glass pieces as privacy screens, (great for balconies). A glass fence can really make an elegant frame for your green oasis, whilst still letting in plenty of light.

5. Wooden fences: Creative or classic?

Shabby chic, classic straight lines, natural, colourful – there’s plenty of room for creativity when it comes to a wooden fence. Grey pickets

fences can give your garden a modern finish, but a naturally-grained wooden fence will complement almost any house façade. What’s more, the costs usually aren’t that high – at least upon first purchase. However, maintenance is one thing you should watch out for. To protect the wooden fence against wind and weather, it should be regularly maintained with protective paint or oil.

Slovenien wooden fence ideas
Glass fence ideas
Gira System 106 fence ideas

6. Plastic fences, too?

Plastic in the garden? Well, we’re not talking about plastic bags but yes, there are a few advantages to a plastic fence. Not only are they UV and weather-resistant, they require no special care. When it comes to designs, shapes, structures and colours there is a veritable bounty of choice available. For example, plastic fences with an elegant aluminium frame look modern and elegant.

Tips & Extras for planning

Regardless of which fence idea you decide on (concrete, plastic, bamboo!), it is important to observe the building regulations of your community or municipality. Especially regarding the height, different guidelines apply.


An additional tip for everyone who wants to know exactly who is standing in front of the garden fence: With the appropriate cabling, a suitable door intercom system – such as the Gira System 106 – can be installed quickly and easily at the door and gate. If you always want to keep an eye on what's happening at your front door, simply supplement the door communication with the camera module. In this way you can not only receive your visitors in style, but also increase security in your home.

Do any of these fence ideas strike a chord with you? Let us know in the comments!

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