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Energy-efficient home: how smart technology made this new build sustainale

With four floors and a roof terrace, this impressive residence sits at the edge of the woods at Eckental in Bavaria, Germany and offers a fantastic view of the landscape beyond.

Comfort and energy efficiency were on top of the agenda for the new build as well. With smart building technology and a sophisticated energy concept, the proud owners of the modern home realised their vision at the end of 2017.

energy-efficient Smart Home +

Smart KNX systems made by Gira

With the help of KNX technology, you can set up a wired network that connects a variety of devices and functions.

The family-friendly Smart Home is an impressive sight at night, too. Source: Klaus Geyer

A healthy family environment: down to the very last detail

During the construction of their energy-efficient home, the couple left nothing to chance, even down to the finest architectural details. The protruding roof surfaces of the solid building provide shade for the rooms below during the warm summer months. On sunny winter days, natural daylight floods into the house, providing additional external warmth. A roof terrace sits atop the four-storey building, which is fitted with a lift for barrier-free access. The straight and streamlined aesthetic continues in the 500 square metres of living space inside the home: Oak parquet flooring and natural Italian stone set the stage for a health-conscious interior design inspired by natural materials.

On the walls, switches, sockets and intelligent control units from the Gira E2 aluminium design line complete the elegant look.

KNX for intelligent building management

To run the 3000-square-metre property with maximum convenience and efficiency, the builders of this energy-efficient home needed a future-proof technological solution โ€“ which they found in a KNX installation. At the heart of the network is the powerful Gira FacilityServer, which connects all of the devices and technological components of the smart home. This computer-controlled central unit gathers and manages data on all of the building technologies installed inside and outside the home.

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Gira G1

Heating, blinds, lighting: control your entire Smart Home with Gira G1. Compatible with KNX and wireless systems.

The Gira E2 design line in aluminium matches the kitchen setup perfectly. Source: Klaus Geyer

Clever energy concept with connected climate control technology

All of the climate control technology installed in the home is united under the umbrella of a single energy concept, which enables the geothermal, solar and photovoltaic energy collected by the building to be deployed with maximum efficiency. Two heat pumps with surface collectors provide heat for the underfloor heating system. A total of 30 photovoltaic modules generate green energy to power the complex technologies on which the home relies. Any excess energy generated is fed into the public grid. All family members can access detailed information on energy generated and consumed via the Gira FacilityServer app on their smartphones or tablets.

More than a sustainable energy concept: A new build with smart benefits

Alongside the connected heating and climate control systems, the home is equipped with a range of other features that support its residents with energy management and sustainable use of resources. For example, the family can choose to configure their Smart Home so that the lights, music and any sockets with devices in standby mode are switched off when โ€œsleep modeโ€ is activated. Other functions to boost energy efficiency tick away automatically in the background. The garden sprinkler system, for example, uses the latest weather information and data from rain and temperature sensors to ensure that it runs in a resource-efficient and cost-effective way.

 energy-efficient Smart Home +

Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Just as the interior, the facade stands out with its clean, minimalist aesthetic. Source: Klaus Geyer

Flexible operation on any level with Gira G1

The expertly executed energy concept is complemented by the carefully planned layout of the controls for the building technology. While residents can control individual functions using the Gira pushbutton sensors, , the compact Gira G1 control unit with multi-touch display on each floor acts as an intuitive control interface to the building technology. If someone rings the bell at the garden gate, the Gira G1 transforms itself into a door intercom system complete with images from the gate area โ€“ enabling the family to talk to and open the door to guests even from the roof terrace. The Gira G1 user interface can also be used to check that all windows and doors are closed before leaving the house.

If the family chooses to activate the presence simulators when they go on holiday, the Smart Home runs through defined sequences to simulate specific actions โ€“ such as opening and closing the blinds at different times of day to create the impression that someone is home. While away, the family can also keep an eye on their home via camera images and automatic notifications on their mobile devices.

This family home โ€“ with its comprehensive package of architectural and technical solutions โ€“ shows how intelligent building technology can be used to bring a complex energy concept to life while maximising comfort and convenience. No matter how demanding your energy efficiency and building management requirements are: With a carefully planned KNX system, you can turn your vision into reality.

energy efficient home
energy efficient home
A energy efficent home should always have a green living Space

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