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Energy efficient heating in the cold winter months while staying comfortable

How do I use my heating efficiently?

In the early weeks of fall season the temperatures are often still mild, but when the sun goes down, it can sometimes get extremely chilly in a heartbeat. That’s when it is time for woollen socks and a snug blanket – or, even better, an appropriate regulation of your room’s ambient temperature – to enjoy a cosy evening on the sofa. Sooner or later, most people opt for turning on the heating. But it's not easy to heat rooms efficiently using manual controls. Living rooms should be heated to a higher temperature than bedrooms, and the heating can be lower on the sunny side of the house than in rooms that are shaded. To avoid heat loss, the doors and blinds of rooms with heating should be kept closed... There are quite a number of tips like these, and it can be hard to remember them all without losing that feeling of cosiness altogether.


Reducing energy use, increasing comfort

The good news is: in the era of smart homes and intelligent building control, it's a lot easier to heat your home efficiently. Existing cost-effective solutions, such as thermostats that can be controlled via your smartphone, offer convenience as well as potential savings. However, if you really want to be 'smart' when it comes to heating, you can go one step further – for example with the help of room temperature controllers, which bring each room to the desired temperature at specific times of the day or night. From the moment your alarm goes off, the automatic control will ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are each heated to a comfortable temperature. And as soon as you get home from work, you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa in your pre-heated living room. If everyone is out during the day, the heating will be turned down in order to save the otherwise wasted energy. Additional functions include lowered temperatures at night, a holiday programme, and a party function to spontaneously extend the heating phase.


Intelligent solutions for cold days

smart solutions
Smart solutions
Smart solutions

Intuitive settings – mobile control

The self-explanatory use makes solutions like these incredibly easy to operate. Once set, the heating will run by itself without you having to worry about anything. And if your daily routine changes at short notice, adjustments can be made via the controller or central operating unit. You can even control the heating easily from anywhere using your smartphone and app – on your way home, or when relaxing on the sofa. In the smart home, convenience and energy efficiency go hand in hand.


Those opting for smart building technology to heat their home will find the right partner in Gira for room temperature controllers with a timer clock and cooling programme. The changeover to 'heating' or 'cooling' operating mode occurs automatically via separate input. In addition, the device is capable of teaching itself heating optimisation. Heating and cooling can also be controlled and monitored via the central operating units that are handling the entire building technology, such as the Gira G1.


How are you trying to reduce your heating costs?

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