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Electrical installations in the bathroom: Using technology to create your own personal spa retreat

In modern homes, smart building technology delivers the ultimate comfort and convenience – and there is no reason why you cannot enjoy all the benefits of intelligent home tech in the bathroom, too. However, in wet rooms like bathrooms, it is important to ensure that your electrical systems are carefully planned and safe. Read on for our helpful tips on how to make the most of smart technology in your bathroom.

Cutting-edge electrical installations for the bathroom: Safety is key

Damaged cables, faulty electrical appliances and high levels of humidity can cause appliances to malfunction with dangerously high leakage currents. As older buildings in particular are not generally equipped with reliable protection systems, it is a good idea to install modern switches and sockets during your modernisation project. The Gira Profile 55 system enables you to expand your existing electrical systems with complete flexibility, to ensure that your bathroom is equipped for all of the technology that the future will bring. You can add any of the functions you need to perfect your bathroom as a haven of rest and relaxation – without opening up any walls.

Lighting: Custom illumination in your smart spa

Lighting is, of course, an essential functional component of any bathroom – but it can also be an important design feature. With the main light dimmed, you can combine indirect lighting with integrated lights in the fixtures and fittings to draw the eye to certain areas. With intelligent building technology, it’s easy to adjust your lighting to suit your lifestyle. A cool white light that is rich in blue tones will help to wake you up in the morning, while warm white light helps you to relax at night. Installing smart lighting controls operated wirelessly or via a KNX system enables you to control individual light sources centrally using your mobile devices. Fitting Gira socket outlets with LED orientation lights and motion detectors will help to keep you safe at night.

Designer sockets and switches in a bathroom.
Gira Esprit Glas switsch in the bathroom.
Lights around the mirror is a highlight in a bathroom.
Gira System 55 with Gira Esprit Glas design line in the Cabin One Minimal House

The right temperature at the right time

Lighting is not the only element of the bathroom that can have a huge impact on how you feel: The climate in the room is also very important. Integrating the Gira room temperature controller with clock and cooling programme into your bathroom’s electrical system makes it simple to adjust your heating to suit your daily routines. You can set the unit to target temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius at different times of day, so that your bathroom will always be heated to a comfortable temperature when it’s likely to be in use – and to ensure that it’s warm and toasty when you get up in the morning. The Gira hygrostat works to regulate air humidity and creates a healthy climate in the bathroom. The automatic ventilation system prevents humidity levels in the room from rising too high, reducing the risk of mould growth.

Relax in style with integrated wall speakers

You can also kit out your bathroom with a sound system so that you can switch off and relax with your favourite music whenever you want. Speaker quality is particularly important in the bathroom, as tiles on the walls can dull the sound. In small bathrooms, there may not always be room for an external sound source. The Gira radio is a great solution for these kinds of spaces, removing the need for cables and freeing up space on your surfaces for accessories.

The radio can be linked to an automatic switch and the bathroom lighting system – so the radio turns on and off whenever you operate the lighting.

Modern bathroom with barrier-free shower.
Gira temperature sensor in the bathroom.
Smart living product: Gira Radio in white next to bluetooth station.
Nurse controll system from Gira.

Future-proof electrical systems – a bathroom that will last a lifetime

Installing the latest technology in your bathroom will not only make your bathroom a nicer place to spend time today, but will also help you overcome barriers to independent living in later life.

No matter how old you are, the risk of slipping or tripping is particularly high in wet rooms like bathrooms. With the Gira nurse call system, you can call for help in an emergency simply by pressing a button or pulling a cord. Height-adjustable basins and toilets are a great idea if you’ve got multiple generations living under one roof.

Contactless fittings and smart shower heads with automatic hot water regulation also help to save energy, reduce consumption and minimise your costs.

As a rule, any function or feature that you can integrate into the living areas of your Smart Home can be replicated in the bathroom with careful planning and execution. In addition to lighting, audio systems and heating and ventilation, you can integrate blinds and safety solutions into your wireless installation or KNX system – enabling you to enjoy relaxation in your bathroom well into old age.

Are you planning on installing any electrical solutions in your bathroom? Tell us which technologies you’re using to transform your bathroom into a personal wellness oasis.

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