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Built on the edge: The Edge House in Krakow

A matter of perspective

The Edge House in Krakow is anything but usual - neither its location amidst a disused quarry with an eight metre-high outer edge, nor its sophisticated design. The design blends the property’s various floor levels and purposefully plays with perception. When you consider the building from the south, all you see is the upper floor, but the view from the north reveals the full extent of this architectural phenomenon.

An architectural challenge

After a long search, the building owners commissioned experts from the architectural design firm Mobius to lead the project.

They cut an impressive figure with their fascinating concept which was as distinct as the client’s requirements. In this part of Krakow, for example, a saddleback roof (also known as a gable roof) is prescribed by the zoning regulations. A simple gable roof would, however, make the house stick out like a sore thumb.

Mobius architect Przemysław Olczak chose to follow an all-around balcony concept in this regard. He also opted to align the complex with the property’s highest edge. It was a daunting challenge which fully paid off - just like the decision to create a spacious pool area whose smart location guarantees total privacy.

Additional insights into the Edge House in Krakow


Modern. Stylish. Smart

Not only would the scenery be every nature enthusiast’s dream; the house’s interior also cuts an impressive figure with its holistic and sophisticated concept. The modern and simple shapes exploit the available space using clear structures, without appearing sterile. In this way, the house can accommodate a spacious kitchen, a hallway, a living room-cum-dining room, three ensuite bedrooms, and a study stretching over three levels and 850 m². The Esprit switch series from Gira, the shape of which conveys the same kind of simple elegance as the approach to the interior design, completes the overall concept.

Edgy through intelligent building technology

What is even more impressive is without a doubt the KNX system for intelligent building technology, which was installed at the same time as the wiring during the construction process. It enables the user to access and control all the building technology functions from various control units throughout the whole house. So, from the lighting to the stereo system, living comfort can be enhanced at the touch of a button.

What do you think of the Edge House in Krakow? Are you sceptical, or have you been won over? Share your opinion with other readers.

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