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The ‘Smart Home’ show house: Turning ordinary life into something extraordinary

Control your home using your voice, surf the web from your internet-enabled mirror while brushing your teeth, and have your lighting adjust to your biorhythms: Smart building technology already does more than we could ever have imagined. To demonstrate the possibilities of the latest technology, a new mock-up Smart Home was unveiled at the “Smart Living in an E-House” special exhibition at Light + Building 2018. Over 60 partner companies of the Central Association for the German Electrical and IT Industries (ZVEH) came together to pour their knowledge and expertise into the 100-square-metre Smart Home. As an established Smart Home expert, Gira also collaborated in bringing the connected E-House project to life.

Smart Home model house: Intelligent networking with KNX

The E-House brings together a range of pioneering home automation solutions in a life-size smart “show home” which visitors can explore to experience the technology in action. Centrepiece of the Smart Home is the KNX system, which links and coordinates the systems from the various manufacturers. Via a central control server, residents can control their entire home system remotely from their smartphones, tablets, PCs or even smart watches. The model Smart Home is also equipped with a voice assistance system that can be called up with voice commands.

Smart living in the E-House
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Maximum comfort throughout the home

The ability to program and deploy personalised lighting scenarios is already a well-known and established feature of many Smart Homes. The model E-House takes this concept to new levels, with innovative LED technology that adjusts to the biorhythms of the residents. The modern home entertainment system includes multi-room audio, enabling you to stream music from your mobile device or other media sources simultaneously in every room – just like with the Revox Multiroom system by Gira and Revox.

Comfort and convenience are key to the sample Smart Home’s design. The interactive mirrors in the bathroom, for example, not only allow you to control your E-House functions, but also to look up information online or turn the mirror display into a digital painting. work of art. Electronic bathroom fittings are also installed to make day-to-day life just that little bit easier.

A gateway to independence in old age

In the kitchen, too, the KNX system is used to connect household appliances such as the hob, coffee machine and oven. The height-adjustable kitchen cupboards help people with limited mobility to access everything they need.

With these and a whole host of other functions on show, the Smart Home model house demonstrates how smart technology can help people live safely and independently in their own homes as they get older. The latest solutions for ambient assisted living include a floor with sensors that can detect a fall or prolonged inactivity and automatically inform the emergency services if necessary.

Enhanced safety in the Smart Home model house

The E-House is kitted out with motion sensors and functions to automatically switch off electronic devices to improve comfort and safety. Security and thermal imaging cameras are connected to the alarm system and send their recordings to the owner’s smartphone on request or when any unusual activity is detected. The model Smart Home replaces the conventional lock and key with facial recognition technology; residents can use the multi-room door communication system to open the door to guests from any room in the house. The integrated safety concept is based on the latest data protection and data security standards. KNX secure technology, which Gira also uses in its KNX IP routers, makes it virtually impossible for hackers to penetrate the network or take control of the system.

KNX or wireless: Which system is right for your Smart Home?

Smart energy: From solar energy systems to electric charging points

The Smart Home model house is also primed to demonstrate how fully connected building technology can result in more efficient energy management. With heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and its own scaled-down wind turbines, the model E-House generates its own energy from renewable sources – resulting in a home that is independent of public energy providers, runs at minimal cost and is prepared for the energy models of the future.

The networked system components exchange data on their available energy and energy needs via a data platform. Smart meters and connected energy storage systems coordinate the use of the washing machine, heat pumps, infra-red heating, kitchen appliances and the integrated electric vehicle charging point.

The E-House uses most of the energy it generates itself, supplying electricity as needed to fuel its own technology.

The home technology of the future – available today

The E-House constructed by 60 partner companies is a great example of how the KNX system can be used to create a tailor-made Smart Home experience. All of the solutions deployed in the Smart Home model house are already on the market and are regularly updated.At events such as Light + Building, IFA and IHM, visitors have been able to explore the model home and experience intelligent building technology for themselves. ZVEH has produced a short introductory film on the E-House for owners and aspiring owners of Smart Homes.

How do you think smart living will develop over the next ten years? What functions would you ask for your intelligent home? Let us know in the comments!

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