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Total flexibility at your door: Door intercoms for indoor use

We have all been there: The doorbell rings and you interrupt what you are doing to rush downstairs, only to find that it is not the postman as you expected, but an unsolicited guest. With the latest flexible door communication systems, these awkward scenarios are a thing of the past.

New door communication systems allow you to see who is at the door before you open it, speak to your visitor via a high-quality audio system and then open the door at the touch of a button – even if you are in the garden or not at home.

Enhanced comfort at your door: Gira door intercoms for indoor use

To complement our range of exterior door stations, Gira offers a range of flexible door intercoms for installation inside the home, designed to harmonise with Gira design lines.

The basic system – comprised of a speaker, microphone, and call buttons – can be expanded with a colour display to show camera footage if required. The system can also be combined with an actuator, enabling you to switch on the light in the hall or stairwell from the home station. If required, you can also integrate an additional button for calls inside the home and an automatic system to open the door whenever the doorbell is pressed.

The flush-mounted Gira home station receiver also offers a wide range of communication functions, cleverly concealed behind the receiver itself – which you simply lift to take a call.

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Gira surface-mounted home station: High-quality audio communication

The Gira surface-mounted home station is a great solution for practical, fast and easy installation. At just 21 mm deep, this fully pre-assembled surface-mounted model is simply screwed onto the wall or an existing flush-mounted base. Both the framed and frameless models are designed to seamlessly blend into the wall. As well as delivering crystal-clear audio, the surface-mounted home station can also be installed with an additional actuator to incorporate an automatic door opener or a button to switch the lights on and off.

Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus: A smart door intercom packed with practical features

With its bright 2.2-inch colour display, the Gira surface-mounted video home station Plus is a functional and attractive addition to your Smart Home technology. The sensors incorporated into the buttons respond to even the lightest of touches. The high-resolution display not only shows you who is at the door, but also stores images locally so that you can check back and see who visited while you were out – a huge upgrade compared to the traditional door peephole! The clear status display and on-screen menu make the unit easy to operate.

Gira video home station Plus

Gira surface-mounted video home station 7: The latest addition for even greater flexibility

From May 2019, Gira will be offering another door intercom with an integrated video system in the form of the Gira surface-mounted video home station 7, which has been designed for even greater flexibility. The new surface-mounted system can be wall-mounted or placed on any flat surface, such as a desk, on its integrated foot.

With basic functions including door opening and call pick-up, short-cut buttons and a high-resolution 7-inch display with touch functionality, the unit is exceptionally user-friendly. The two designs in monochrome white and matt black with matching glass surfaces are the perfect complement to modern interiors.

Video door intercom with extra large display and buttons.

Add a door intercom to your home quickly and easily

As well as delivering outstanding audio quality and sharing the sleek look of the Gira design line, all Gira door intercoms are designed for easy, user-friendly installation. The two-wire bus system for audio and video communication is already installed in many existing buildings, making it easy for you to convert your old doorbell into a smart new door communication system without any invasive building work – whether you opt for a surface-mounted or flush model, and regardless of whether you live in a detached house or an apartment block.

Gira surface-mounted gong: Never miss the post again

If you are busy elsewhere in the home, it is easy to miss a ring of the doorbell. To ensure that you do not accidentally ignore any surprise visitors, the Gira surface-mounted gong passes on the signal of up to three connected home stations, providing an acoustic and LED notification when visitors ring your doorbell.

Open the door from anywhere in the house – or choose not to. With the latest door communication systems, you are in control.

How does a door intercom enhance convenience and security in your home? Tell us how you benefit from these smart solutions in the comments!

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