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Don’t sweat the cold season: 3 stylish stoves to keep you warm

Anyone can turn up the heating. But if you really want to make your home cosy and save money at the same time, one option is using a wood-burning stove. Since the triumphant return of stoves into the interior design scene, there has been a constant stream of new models sporting a variety of looks and designs ranging from rustic to cutting edge. We can help you find out about the benefits of heating with wood, and which stove models are particularly 'hot' right now.

Cosiness and sustainability – the perfect combination

It’s not only the comparatively low price tag that makes wood-burning stoves so popular: Heating with wood or pellets is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
By cladding the stove in natural stone or soapstone, heat generated during the burning process can even be stored – so that your home stays pleasantly warm long after the fire has gone out.
As modern stoves don’t need a lot of fuel, their energy efficiency is close to ninety percent: pretty much unbeatable from an environmental perspective. So, heating with wood makes it simple to combine modern living ideas and sustainability. But: be sure to take expert advice when choosing your stove. There are certain legal requirements that have to be observed when fitting the stove. For those of you who also attach a great deal of importance to sophisticated design, here are our three favourite models for the cold season:

The unusual model

The Genius stove by Nunnauuni is an absolute eyecatcher. Source: Nunnauuni
If you have a weakness for unorthodox living ideas, the Genius injector stove from Nunnauuni is probably perfect for you. The Genius model looks futuristic, but can be erected virtually anywhere, is easy to install, and stores heat efficiently.
An integrated injector storage unit transfers the heat energy into the stove’s soapstone core, from where it is steadily released. For prospective buyers who like a bit of colour: the stove is not only available in black and white, but also blueberry, vanilla, mocha, or lime.

The convertible model

Skantherm’s Elements stove provides plenty of scope for creativity. Source: Skantherm
Key to the appeal of the Elements stove from Skantherm is its flexibility. Three different elements can be put together in virtually any combination imaginable – depending only on your wishes and the space you have available.
A particularly unusual feature is the combustion chamber. It can be rotated by ninety degrees, which makes it possible for you to watch the dancing flames from any corner of the room. An integrated wooden draw is part of the standard design. And a storage module can be incorporated as an additional option to store heat.   

The unobtrusive model

The Contura 35 discreetly provides extra cosiness. Source: Contura
A winner of the coveted red dot design award should not go unmentioned at this point: the  Contura 35. The stove’s up-to-the-minute design, with a black or white steel surround and a glass side and top, blends harmoniously into almost every setting. And its integrated heat storage unit offers up to seven hours of continuous heat output after the fire has gone out.

Control your stove using your smartphone

Smart home aficionados may be particularly interested to learn that many wood burning stoves can now be conveniently controlled via smartphone. In most cases, the manufacturer of your stove will offer the app free of charge. If you are not too comfortable with using an app here, you can easily find out whether the manufacturer of your chosen stove also offers a remote control option.


Does the combination of creative living ideas with sustainability fill you with enthusiasm? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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