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Designer sockets and switches: Discover the Gira E3 series

Are you looking to add some interest to your interior without having to go all-out with risky home décor experiments? The multiple award-winning Gira E3 design line combines form, colour and materials to create a harmonious focal point on your wall. In this article, we explain what makes the Gira E3 so popular.

The aesthetic credentials of the Gira E3

The Gira E3 design line is characterised by its balanced aesthetic appeal. The soft design language and rounded corners create a subtle accent in any room, harmonising perfectly with the contemporary interior. The shape and colour palette of the Gira E3 design line were created to fit seamlessly into any setting.

Gira used the Natural Color System (NCS) to develop a collection of six elegant, perfectly complementary colours, enabling you to choose different shades for the two elements of the base and cover frame.

From glossy pure white and warm shades of grey to the darker “Umbra” tone, the nature-inspired colour palette of this design line will transform your light switches into one of your favourite things about your home. And with its silky matt soft-touch surface, Gira E3 switches not only look good, but feel great to touch, too.

A light switch that appeals to the senses

The Gira E3 is designed to appeal to your senses – and it’s more than just a simple light switch. The elegant frame not only enables you to create an aesthetic that suits you and your home, but also to add the functions that matter most to you. Just like most Gira design lines, inserts from the modular System 55 open up access to a full range of smart building technology. From socket outlets and door intercom systems to audio systems and Smart Home control solutions, you can integrate over 300 functions into the Gira E3 frame.

The Designer sockets and switches in the Gira E3 designline are with soft-touch interface.
Designer sockets and switches in a bathroom.
Designer sockets and switches in the kitchen.
Designer sockets and switches can be in the same frame from Gira.

Prize-winning design: Five awards for the Gira E3 light switch

Before its official market launch, the Gira E3 design line won the “Product Building Technologies” category of the Iconic Award 2016. Since then, the product has racked up four further design awards: The Good Design™ Award 2016 (“Best Consumer Design Products” category) and the German Design Award 2017 for “Excellent Product Design – Building & Elements” were followed by an iF Design Award (“Product” category) and a 2017 Good Design Award from the German Designer Club (DDC).

Whether you’re updating a modern office, a minimalist home or a modernised period building, the soft contours and coordinated colour palette of the Gira E3 design line are guaranteed to become a harmonious design feature on your walls.

Which Gira E3 design line combination is the best fit for your home? Tell us how you’re using the latest light switches to complete your interior.

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